Friday, 9 March 2007

Good eating for Gran.

Friday 9th March

Breakfast was the last banana in the house with a crumpet spread with philly. It seems a sure fire way to get George to eat anything at the moment, to spread it with philly!

Lunch was a baked butternut squash (about 3/4 of a half). He ate most of it fine, but the bits that had gone too mushy I spread on a slice of bread.

Supper was my soya bolognaise again, but this time served with tri-colour pasta twirls. George ate quite a lot of it really, and finished his meal with half a pear and a couple of strawbs. Yummy!


Mel x

ps - Man U drew Roma today in the european cup - dh is going to get tickets. This means I will finally get to see Francesco Totti in real life....*swoon*. Not Baby Led Weaning related - but big news in our household!

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