Friday, 30 March 2007

George hates the food at soft play obviously!

Friday 30th March

It has been a bit of a carb overload today - but then as with the rest of the week dh has largely been in charge of menu planning!

Breakfast was a banana with a slice of extra thick toast.

For lunch we went to our local soft play, where we were the day George got poorly and refused to eat. I got him a tomato pasta with cheese, and he refused to even entertain it. He is suspicious of grated cheese i know, but he refused it all. In the end all he would eat was a slice of bread & butter.

Supper was a mango - yes a whole one! At least it wasn't a bread product! lol


Mel x

ps - feeling much better, we have booked to go to a deliciously luxurious hotel in the Cotswolds from Sunday for 2 nights! Yay!!!

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pun said...

Aawww,BG so cute (love his top!)Hope you're all having a brill time,especially with this great weather. Me and Bubs had our first picnic in the park on impulse;it was only fruit and breadsticks but it was much appreciated,especially when i let her share a bit of my ice cream!
Yiuyiu x