Sunday, 11 March 2007

A fat boy's breakfast, a picnic & Sunday lunch!

Sunday 11th March

Well, just hand over the worst mother award now - I gave my 9 month old a cooked breakfast! He had a potato farl, some scrambled egg, some no added sugar or salt baked beans, a buttered crumpet & a sausage! He is still unimpressed by the beans, but seemed to love the sausage, to my great shame. Have agreed with dh that we will buy a stock of organic sausages from now on!

We went out for a really long treck round Lyme Park after breakfast, and after squelching through mud and going up hill and down dale George had a picnic lunch of berries & pear.

As Gran is staying we had a nice Sunday Lunch, and George had chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, roast spuds, carrots & parsnips. TBH he was mainly interested in the parsnips, but did entertain a bit of potato & chicken. He was more interested in his berry dessert. I think I am spoiling him. Bad mother again!


Mel x


Billy's Mummy said...

Hi Mel

I keep seeing you've listed berries, do you buy fresh? or frozen and defrost?

I'm trying to do all organic and the organic delivery dont sell berries this time of year. Only place i've seen them is asda.

Thanks Emma

Mel_x said...

Hi Emma,

I buy fresh ones - depending on what is around strawbs, blueberries, blackberries or raspberries!

I also try & do all organic, and I have managed to get organic strawbs, both in asda & my local organic supermarket. The rest I am afraid to say aren't organic.

Even the organic ones are v bad on air miles - times like this I miss all the "pick-your-owns" in Kent where I am from!


Mel x

Lesley said...

Mel, cooked breakfast isn't so bad! I'm not sure what a potato farl is but presumably it has a fair amount of potato in it lol! And Naomi has sausages. We have some organic ones that are slightly pre-cooked before going in the chiller cabinet and so they cook in minutes from frozen. And she really loves scrambled egg. Beans she is funny about but I think that's a texture thing. She won't eat mince either.

You were probably tongue in cheek but in case not just wanted to say don't beat yourself up about it.

Mel_x said...

Thanks Lesley!

It was the sausage that got me really - I guess they are just the "anti-veggie" - I always make fun of dh about what goes in them! (eugh!!)


Mel x