Monday, 19 March 2007

Corn Quessadillas & leftover Pasta Sauce

Monday 19th March

Breakfast was a banana, some strawbs & some blackberries. George loves berries!

For lunch I made quessadillas again, but this time with corn tortillas. They went down a treat!

I am planning on making pasta with left over sauce for George's supper, sorry for the furure predictions but I am once again crashing my friends pc! Hope you are all missing me!


Mel x

ps - laptop is really very deadm it needs a new hard drive - but dh called sony today and our warranty runs out tomorrow, so we are in time to get it fixed! New laptop expected 5 days from tomorrow! x


Jeasmin said...

Yes, my lo loves her beries too - she can't get enough of them!


pun said...

Hi Mel,
Nice to have you back,fab news re laptop;usually we discover warranty expired a day before the stuff go wrong!
BLW going well;gone from mush-feeding mom to a-bit-of-everything-won't-hurt mom in a weekend and Bubs is loving it;Hubs made dinner on Mothers day (roast chicken with all the trimmings yum) and it was amazingly easy to feed bub as we just left out the salt on the veg & pots and gave her some chicken breast,and she's also tried mac & cheese with cauliflower. Any tips for cleaning the pan afterwards???!!!

Sazzlet said...

Hi Mel
Just wanted to say I'm loving your blog and have been reading it for a few days now. My little girl - Phoebe - is 7mths now and we started with the mush, as instructed by everyone and their dog, but now she's decided that if she can't put it in her own mouth she doesn't want to eat it (fair enough, I say!) so I've had to re-educate myself v quickly. Been scouring the net for inspiration on what I can give her - your site is great. Particularly loved the bit about taking George out for pizza when he was about this age so have been nagging my DH to take us all to Pizza Express so we can try her on a slice of margerita...At the moment, Phoebe has Big Eating Days and Small Eating Days - I guess that's normal at 7mths? Anyway, keep up the good work.


Mel_x said...

Hi everyone!

Jeasmin - I think George would commit bodily harm to get to a blackberry! lol

Yiuyiu - brilliant news, well done you! Well done to dh for a yummy mothers day dinner too! Putting coke in a pan & heating it is very good at cleaning most things off a pan! hth!

Hi Sarah - thanks honey! Glad you are finding this useful - I hope dh takes tou out for pizza soon! Mine was mortified 1st time when George dropped things, but that soon passed! I am living in hope that if we take him out from the start he will act nicely in restaurants when he is older and not run round screaming! I will keep you posted - lol!


Mel x