Monday, 19 March 2007

Cheesy Spinach Pasta & sausage and chips

Mother's Day 2007

Happy Mothers Day everyone! I got a card & flowers, and a yummy breakfast.

George had a banana, and then some of the pastries which he had got me for breakfast. He ate quite a lot of the almond croissant - and yes I know I will go to mummy hell for giving my baby nuts.

dh did all meals today - and I got to read a book and watch chick flicks all day! Lunch was a homemade cheesy spinach sauce with pasta, which was all eaten up, with some sauce left over for tomorrow.

For dinner dh made homemade chips (oven cooked), sausages and peas for him & George and a veggie pie for me. Yummy.

Hope you all had an equally lovely mothers day.


Mel x

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