Friday, 30 March 2007

George hates the food at soft play obviously!

Friday 30th March

It has been a bit of a carb overload today - but then as with the rest of the week dh has largely been in charge of menu planning!

Breakfast was a banana with a slice of extra thick toast.

For lunch we went to our local soft play, where we were the day George got poorly and refused to eat. I got him a tomato pasta with cheese, and he refused to even entertain it. He is suspicious of grated cheese i know, but he refused it all. In the end all he would eat was a slice of bread & butter.

Supper was a mango - yes a whole one! At least it wasn't a bread product! lol


Mel x

ps - feeling much better, we have booked to go to a deliciously luxurious hotel in the Cotswolds from Sunday for 2 nights! Yay!!!

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Baked potato with ham, cheese & onion

Thursday 29th March

Happy 10 months George!

Breakfast was the obligatory banana and some raspberries. Dh tried to give dried apricots, but as soon as the raspberries came out of the fridge the apricots were thrown on the floor! He knows what he likes!

Lunch was a baked potato with ham, cheese & onion - a dh special!

For supper he had 2 roast carrots, a roast parsnip, a pear, and some dried apricots! I suspect he may be teething though, either that or he has caught my evil sickness as he has been a bit grumpy today! Poor boy!


Mel x

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

A very hungry boy!

Wednesday 28th March

Dh did all meals today as part of his week at home experience! Breakfast was a banana and some strawberries.

Lunch was a massive portion of my soya bolognaise and pasta shells with a bit of grated cheese, and he ate the lot. Lunch was late though as we had a photographer round - I got a bit hijacked though as there were so many nice ones I spent a fortune on them!

Supper was a slice of toast & philly, an orange, some raspberries and a few more strawberries!


Mel x

ps - we are supposed to be staying in a swanky hotel tonight but I am too poorley! Grrr. Maybe tomorrow?

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Mel's Marvellous Mega Mezze!

Tuesday 27th March

Breakfast today was the obligatory banana and some strawberries. Dh did breakfast and cut the banana into small slices, I have been giving a banana in 3 pieces and making George chew it off to eat it - grrrr!

M was round for a pre-swim lunch and I made my version of mezze, so George & M had falafel, hummus, salad and pittas. DH & mummy's had the same but with halloumi too - yummy!

Supper was baby pies - all 5 leftover pies! Dh was in shock! Honestly, I have to go back to work to pay for George's food!


Mel x

Monday, 26 March 2007

Oranges & Baby Pies!

Monday 26th March

Breakfast was the obligatory banana, a plum (which he was significantly less enthusiastic about when not served by M's mummy) and some dates.

Dh was home for lunch and was there to help George enjoy my baby pies and a couple of delicious smelling organic tomatoes!

Supper was 3/4 of an orange, a big slice of crusty bread & butter and a handful of strawberries.

I have also added in some new pics of George, the spring one was taken this morning in the garden. I have also added the pic of him and his plate in the 5th March entry! Now the laptop is working again I will try harder with the pics!


Mel x

Sunday, 25 March 2007

A New Sauce for Pasta

Sunday 25th March

My mum's birthday - so the day started with a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday".

Breakfast was a slice of toast and a banana. Thank god we had something, George's cupboard was decidedly bare once more.

At lunch I had to get creative, so he had pasta in a mushroom spinach & philly sauce! I will post the recipe in the recipe section! He loved it, and ate 2 bowlfuls!

Supper was much less successful! DH made quorn fillets in a peppercorn & leek sauce, baked spuds and peas. George refused all of it, even when we tried to encourage him to eat by giving him his fork, he just beat the quorn harder against his mat! We had to resort to dates & luckily I had just baked a batch of baby pies! What a boy! Thankfully we had been to the organic supermarket for a George shop!


Mel x

ps - veggies all planted & covered in net. As my grandpa used to shout at the plants in the garden "grow you buggers!"

Saturday, 24 March 2007

A massive breakfast and one less bf

Saturday 24th March

George ate a surprising amount of breakfast today, a massive banana, some pan fried apple, a bit of leftover omlette and then raspberries & blueberries too.

Lunch was a bizarre selection of puff pastry tarts, marinated tofu and a ham & philly sandwich. Must do some food shopping soon, things are getting a bit desperate.

Supper is a cheesy baked potato cooked and served by dh.

HE took such a long time today over the massive breakfast that when I tried to feed him before we went out he just smiled at me & refused to bf. He never asked when we were out (by this I mean cried!) and we got home in time for lunch. He needed his pm bf earlier, but seemed unconcerned tbh. This bodes well for the evil return to work. His bf's have got quicker too.


Mel x

ps - been to the garden centre and bought tomato plants, strawberry plants, cucumber, peas, cut & come again lettice and some new herbs. George will soon, hopefully, be enjoying my organic homegrown stuff. Yummy!

Friday, 23 March 2007

The Whitworth Art Gallery

Friday 23rd May

Breakfast was an assortment of berries with a massive banana!

For lunch George & I went to the Whitworth Art Gallery with L & C and their mummy's. The boys played for a bit then we had lunch. George monopolised the only high chair, and ate best part of a pear, the left over bit of C's banana and half a ton of bread (yummy Chorlton Deli bread) with olives & herbs in spread with butter! We ended up ordering 3 orders of bread!

Supper was butternut squash and some more berries. I am VERY proud to say that he is now doing the sign for more completely properly - yay!


Mel x

ps - I have added a link to a new article I have found. It isn't strictly on BLW but it is very interesting. x

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Hospital still

Thursday 22nd March

After 4 hours sleep for me, and only a bit more for George we woke after a night in hospital. HE bf as usual, and I was sad to see his lovely podgy tummy I have worked so hard to get had gone. DH arrived at 7.30 bringing bananas for George's breakfast. Having got the all clear to feed him (and explained we didn't need mushing implements to the suprise of the nurse!) he ate 2 massive bananas! We were discharged soon after, meningitus having been ruled out. Thank God. We came home and both slept for 3 hours.

Lunch was a slice of toast & philly, 2 tomatoes and some dried fruit. Good to see an appetite again!

Supper was an apple and another banana! So a well boy and a newly fixed laptop - a significantly better day than yesterday.


Mel x


Wednesday 21st March

Breakfast was an apple (sucked but not eaten) and some dried fruit.

We went out to play & have lunch. George refused everything I offered for lunch, pitta & hummus, bread, pizza (I was desperate by this time) and anything else I could try. All he would take was some water.

When we got home he has some diarrhea, and largely refused his supper wanting only to drink a cup & a half of water. I called NHS Direct, and after checking him over found some pin prick marks which didn't fade when a glass was put over them, so we rushed off to a&e where George was admitted and stayed overnight. All very scary.


Mel x

Smoked Tofu & Pinto Bean Pie

Tuesday 20th March

I have forgotten what accompanied the banana for breakfast, but the good thing about a predictable breakfast is at least I can remember it!

Lunch was at M's house once more, and her mummy made a yummy tofu & pinto bean pie with roast new spuds and salad, all of which George ate. He also went mad for plum, which is frustrating as he seemed to hate the plum I bought him recently! Peer pressure obviously works at this age, as M loves plum and ate it with enthusiasm in front of him!

Supper was once more a pizza - he ate it with the usual enthusiasm as usual - which makes me feel less guilty about pizza this often!


Mel x

Monday, 19 March 2007

Corn Quessadillas & leftover Pasta Sauce

Monday 19th March

Breakfast was a banana, some strawbs & some blackberries. George loves berries!

For lunch I made quessadillas again, but this time with corn tortillas. They went down a treat!

I am planning on making pasta with left over sauce for George's supper, sorry for the furure predictions but I am once again crashing my friends pc! Hope you are all missing me!


Mel x

ps - laptop is really very deadm it needs a new hard drive - but dh called sony today and our warranty runs out tomorrow, so we are in time to get it fixed! New laptop expected 5 days from tomorrow! x

Cheesy Spinach Pasta & sausage and chips

Mother's Day 2007

Happy Mothers Day everyone! I got a card & flowers, and a yummy breakfast.

George had a banana, and then some of the pastries which he had got me for breakfast. He ate quite a lot of the almond croissant - and yes I know I will go to mummy hell for giving my baby nuts.

dh did all meals today - and I got to read a book and watch chick flicks all day! Lunch was a homemade cheesy spinach sauce with pasta, which was all eaten up, with some sauce left over for tomorrow.

For dinner dh made homemade chips (oven cooked), sausages and peas for him & George and a veggie pie for me. Yummy.

Hope you all had an equally lovely mothers day.


Mel x

Eggy Bread!

Saturdy 17th March

Okay, so the title of this post is a bit of a lie - as the eggy bread was yesterdays supper as I didn't put the apple in the oven in time! George had that for breakfast this morning. dh did breakfast! woo hoo.

Apart from that, I cannot remember what George ate today - I am writing this very late once more - the laptop is officially dead, dh cannot fix it!

I do know that a lot of berries were eaten as daddy did the baby food shopping!


Mel x

Friday, 16 March 2007

Pitta & Mini Pizza

Friday 16th March

Breakfast was a banana and 2 pears! This is getting silly now!

Lunch was 2 mini-pittas with hummus and a handful of cherry tomatoes.

I am defrosting some of my home-made baby pizzas for supper and I have a cored apple stuffed with sultanas to bake for dinner. I am writing this in advance of dinner to take advantage of the interweb access - bloody stupid laptop!


Mel x

Pizza & dough balls

Thursday 15th March

Breakfast was once more a banana, accompanied by a pear and some dried fruit. Gran did breakfast and said George ate loads, asking for more over & over.

We went out for lunch and George ate some dough balls and a whole kids pizza in our fave restaurant. It was quite unbelieveable.

After a stodgy lunch I decided a light supper was needed, and so only offered mango - and he ate the whole thing. Honestly, I need to go back to work to keep George in food!


Mel x

ps - I am writing this at George's best friends house as my laptop is officially dead. We have to buy a new one next week. Please bear with me, I will post as often as I can..... x

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Tuna Sandwich

Wednesday 14th March

Breakfast was the usual banana, more pomegranet and a load of prunes (it is like living with Oliver as he is asking for more all the time).

Lunch was some cubes of cheese, some tomatoes and a pear. The cheese didn't prove very populat tbh, even though it was organic red leicester which he usually likes.

Supper (fed to him by gran) was a tuna & philly sandwich. He totally refused the tuna chunks on their own. He wasn't impressed but he did eat some of it. He had most of the remaining fridge fruit for dessert.


Mel x

ps - i think George has a problem with kiwi - he has refused it twice now. Hmmmmm, I have read this is possible but not seen it in action before, clever boy!

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

A huge appetite!

Tuesday 13th March

George appears to have been on an eating mission today. Breakfast was a huge banana, a crumpet and some dried apricots.

Lunch was 2/3 of a parsnip, 1/2 a baked apple with sultanas, some baked carrot, some pear and some of the fridge fruit peach slices!

Then, after his swimming today for dinner he ate 9 (yes 9!!!) of the veggie samosas and some cherry tomatoes. He really must have hollow legs!


Mel x

ps - I have made it to p2 of google now if you search "baby led weaning" - yay!!!

pps - Please have a look at the breastfeeding manifesto - - I think this is a wonderful opportunity to really help bf in this country! x

Monday, 12 March 2007


Monday 12th March

Breakfast was pomegranate and banana. All seemed fine, but the pomegranate seemed to come out whole - which was quite disturbing tbh!

Lunch was 5 samosas, some yoghurt and a large number of the peach slices from the fridge fruit. He kept asking for "more" too! yay!

For supper I tried to hide some left over chicken in hummus & pitta, but on the whole George was wise to my plan and threw them onto the floor! In the end he had berries - but I decided he had such a big lunch it would be okay.


Mel x

ps - send me get well vibes - I feel awful today x

Sunday, 11 March 2007

A fat boy's breakfast, a picnic & Sunday lunch!

Sunday 11th March

Well, just hand over the worst mother award now - I gave my 9 month old a cooked breakfast! He had a potato farl, some scrambled egg, some no added sugar or salt baked beans, a buttered crumpet & a sausage! He is still unimpressed by the beans, but seemed to love the sausage, to my great shame. Have agreed with dh that we will buy a stock of organic sausages from now on!

We went out for a really long treck round Lyme Park after breakfast, and after squelching through mud and going up hill and down dale George had a picnic lunch of berries & pear.

As Gran is staying we had a nice Sunday Lunch, and George had chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, roast spuds, carrots & parsnips. TBH he was mainly interested in the parsnips, but did entertain a bit of potato & chicken. He was more interested in his berry dessert. I think I am spoiling him. Bad mother again!


Mel x

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Vegetable Samosas & a new find!

Saturday 10th March

dh, who had to go to work today (boo) had to rush to Asda to get emergancy bananas for breakfast today! He also bought a punnet of blackberries, which George ate save for four!

Lunch was 4 of my small samosas - again, I have a pic, but with the laptop probs I will have to try and post later! I used the basis of the Jennie Whatever-her-name-is recipe, but with some variations which imho made them easier for George to deal with.

Supper was baked butternut squash, 1/4 a mango the 4 blackberries left over from breakfast and then some of my new find! I found what is called "fridge fruit", I got the peach slices. It is like tinned fruit, but with no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or flavours. They are in a plastic jar and stay in your fridge - my latest handy stand by! woo hoo!


Mel x

ps - my blog must be good, do you know not only are lots of people reading it but my articles are being copied by others! Just remember girls - you read it here 1st! x

Friday, 9 March 2007

Good eating for Gran.

Friday 9th March

Breakfast was the last banana in the house with a crumpet spread with philly. It seems a sure fire way to get George to eat anything at the moment, to spread it with philly!

Lunch was a baked butternut squash (about 3/4 of a half). He ate most of it fine, but the bits that had gone too mushy I spread on a slice of bread.

Supper was my soya bolognaise again, but this time served with tri-colour pasta twirls. George ate quite a lot of it really, and finished his meal with half a pear and a couple of strawbs. Yummy!


Mel x

ps - Man U drew Roma today in the european cup - dh is going to get tickets. This means I will finally get to see Francesco Totti in real life....*swoon*. Not Baby Led Weaning related - but big news in our household!

a very late post indeed

Thursday 8th March

well apart from knowing that George would have had a banana for breakfast there isn't very much that I can remember food wise.

A ridiculous person & an even more ridiculous event distracted me when I finally got the laptop working to update this blog. My apologies!

I will try harder next time!


Mel x

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Fame - Fame at last!!

Wednesday 7th March,

breakfast was a banana and a bit of a pear. We then went to baby sign, and George was recognised by a fellow BLW mum who reads the blog, and her lovely ds Alexander!

I was then going in to speak to work, so George went on an adventure to daddy's office! I had packed a lunch of dates, figs, cheese, pitta & hummus and assorted fruit, which was apparently eaten in daddy's office chair!

Supper was frozen puff pastry tarts - and as I am a bad mother I have forgotten what else.


Mel x

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Another bonkers sandwich

Tuesday 6th March

Breakfast was a double whammy today - 2 bananas and a plum! I wonder if I am in danger of causing a banana allergy with this many bananas?

At lunch I thought I would try something new. I made a cheesy mashed potato. I think it would have been fine, but I used an extra mature farmhouse cheddar, and it was met with an actual "yuck" sound. In an attempt at an emergancy fix I tried adding spinach, but George knew my game! In the end, to my very great shame, to get him to eat it I spread it on a piece of white bread & made it into a sandwich. I am expecting social services any time now!

dh did supper, which seemed to consist of mainly strawberries and blueberries. He also tried making "sandwiches" of ham filled with philly, which apparently went down reasonably well! Odd child!

Sorry this is late, had a glass of vino & some friends round.


Mel x

Monday, 5 March 2007

Soya Bolognaise and a plate!

Monday 5th March

dh did breakfast this morning, after a mad dash to the shop as we had nothing in at all! George had a banana and some strawberries!

Lunch was a bit of a rush today as I decided to take him to baby clinic, so he had bread & philly and a tomato.

The real treat of the day was supper! Not only did I make a yummy bolognaise style sauce for pasta with corgettes, shallots and soya mince in it, but it was served up on George's new plate! I bought a set of little plastic plates in Ikea today which suction to his tommee tippee plate holder. They are much easier for him to eat out of than a bowl! He chose today to have the orange one - what does that say about him I wonder! lol.

He finished the meal with a load of blueberries and some strawbs! Clever little man is getting better with his sign for "more" too. How typical of my son that this is the first sign he learns! lol

I will try and edit and add a picture, but with the technical problems I have I may not succeed!


Mel x

edit - here is the picture at last!

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Meal chaos - a bit too much bread again I think!

Sunday 4th March

The cupboards are very empty today, so breakfast was some bread & philly and a plum.

We were out meeting baby Ysabelle today, so George had lunch out. He ate a banana (no suprise there) but was unimpressed by the dragon fruit, cheese, tomato & grapes he also had on his tray. I think Ysabelles brother and sister were too interesting.

We got home late after visiting other friends, and with still bare cupboards I had to resort to pittas and hummus. So way too much bread today, but it was either that or no supper. Bad mummy.


Mel x

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Ploughman's lunch

Saturday 3rd March

DH made George eggy soldiers for breakfast this morning, boiled egg mixed up with a bit of butter. He ate 2 slices of toast apparently!

At lunch he refised to even entertaine some polenta - which he usually loves (how annoying is it when they do this!!!). Instead he had some cheese, tomatoes, ham and bread. Dh & I had the full works, but I guessed pickled onions may be a step too far - even for my human dustbin! lol. Oh, I almost forgot the baked sweet potato!

Supper was a banana - we nearly avoided it but the old cupboards are a bit bare! He also had a bit of plum and some cucumber sticks with hummus!


Mel x

ps - check out my new article - Brave Ladies Weaning? x

Pizza again!

Friday 2nd March

Breakfast was even worse than usual today - 2 bananas! Accompanied by a ton of dates - George definitely has hollow legs today.

Lunch was a bit of a shambles - George refused the lentil omelet I made (quite sensible I think!!) so had some grapes, a few dried baby figs, a slice of white bread and a few loaded spoons of live yoghurt. Great mix!

DH took us out for supper, so George had some dough balls, a kids pizza, a bit of mozzarella salad and a taste of mascarpone.

What a random food day!


Mel x

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Filo Triangles are the New Banana!

Thursday 1st March

Well, I guess in the absence of a 29th February, George must be 9 months old today! Happy 3/4rs George!!

Breakfast was once more the usual accompanied by half a mango and a couple of dates.

In an impressive display of power eating George ate 5 filo trianges for lunch today! At least they are finished for the time being, so the banana analogy is still some way off!

Supper was a baked apple stuffed with sultanas and a baked sweet potato. where does it all go?


Mel x

The return of the filo triangles

Wednesday 28th February

Laptop nightmares - sorry for the delayed post!

George had a breakfast of banana, dates and a few raspberries this morning.

For lunch I dug the filo trianges out of the fridge and he had these with some cherry toms. I didn't freeze the filo as I thought it would go funny, but it went soft in the fridge. TBH this seemed to improve things for George, and he ate 4! They are quite big, so I was shocked.

For supper I have no idea what George had - OMG that is really bad isn't it? What I do know is that DH declared that George smelt of garlic! oops!!


Mel x