Thursday, 15 February 2007

Why does he hate my cooking all of a sudden!

Thursday 15th February

See every other day for details of breakfast! aarrgghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

For lunch I dug out the leftover spanish omlette, and it was thrown straight onto the floor! Honestly, I could kill him some days! He eats every component of the meal, so why it is so bad all together I don't know! In the end I resorted to philly on toast, chunks of mature cheddar and baby tomatoes! Hardly a balanced meal....

Dinner came with more heartache....I had cooked some more of the yummy soya mince meat balls but they fell foul of the "squidge test", as it seems anything too crumbly or soft is not good enough for my lovely son. He did eat the baked sweet potato and some dried fruit though. So, I am now feeling guilty that he has refused all protein today! MUST get dh to make him something meaty this weekend! (or maybe try a soya spag bol...hhhmmmmm.....)

off out for a mummy's night out tonight - woo hoo!


Mel x

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