Sunday, 11 February 2007

A Wedding!

Saturday 10th February

sorry this is late everyone, I was out dancing and drinking gin until late last night (well late for the new mummy me!) at DH's cousin's wedding. It was a really lovely day! The wedding was at 2, so we were able to feed George breakfast (banana's & toast) and lunch (baby pies) at home.

The perfectly timed wedding breakfast was at 5pm, George's dinner time. They had highchairs ready for the baby's and we had bought lots with us food wise. George ate the bread roll at his place setting, some tomatoes, red leicester chunks, bread sticks, and a bit of pear. He did seem to throw the bit of left over baby pie on the floor! Thanks!!

The other baby on our table was 2 weeks off being 1 and was being spoon fed I filled the parents in on Baby led weaning and gave them all sorts of ideas for finger foods! lol.

Off to drink some water!


Mel x


Lane'sMommy said...


What was the name of the cookbook you purchased for finger foods? I am trying to find one without much luck!!

Mel_x said...

It is the Jenny Maizels (sp) Finger Foods for babies and toddlers - absolutely brilliant. I do think I should be on commission though I have recommended it to so many people!


Mel x