Sunday, 11 February 2007

Way too much bread - how to make a show of mummy!!

Sunday 11th February

dh did breakfast today, whilst I suffered in bed.....I think it was a banana and toast! how original!

When I finally surfaced we went out for a nice lunch in Chorlton Green. The place we went has high chairs etc, and is very baby friendly. We ordered George some bread and then a portion of veg (just a side portion iykwim), which was carrots & new potatoes. All George would eat was bread - anything else was screamed at, even food off my plate. So best part of 3 slices of bread was all he ate - wonderful!

DH did supper (wow, how lucky am I????) which was baby figs, half a mango and some dried apple rings....phew, no bread in sight!

With this week coming being half term, all my classes are off, so I will try and have another cook off this week. We have been to the organic supermarket & stocked up today, so fingers crossed for my cooking!


Mel x

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