Friday, 9 February 2007

Wagamama's Chicken Katsu Curry

Friday 9th February

okay when I say I am a veggie, I do cheat every so often & have some chicken! (sorry!!). After a quick breakfast of banana (2!!!!) and some blackberry's off we went swimming with a friend. We then went & had lunch in wagamamas, when I treated myself to the Katsu curry.

George had a selection of dried fruit, cheese, breadsticks etc to keep him going, but actually ate some of the chicken too! (not with the curry sauce on before you start!!). We did laugh though, as the helpful waitress bought us a kids menu & kids chopsticks over.....I know George is good, but not that good yet! lol.

During supper a lady was fitting the cupboard locks for us, and every time she drilled George cried. The only way to get round this was to give him more blackberries! He didn't eat much dinner, but looking back over the day he has had quite a lot, so I guess it is okay.


Mel x

ps - Girls, what do you think.....

BC have started their own blog, run by Hannah who is my board mod & a friend. I think this is great in principal, but they have no link on there to the Rapley guidelines. They do not tell anyone that Hannah ff her lo, so her experience will be different to a bf mum. Also they have advertised the blog on the "born too soon" forum when Gill R says specifically that preterm babies mum's should speak to the HP's before starting BLW. I think this is all a bit irresponsible, but am I just being silly?


rachiemum: said...

i havent seen it and so hate to pass comment but i thought BLW was ideally meant for BF babies (albeit not excluding FF ones). I think if there is a blog specifically about BLW then it needs to have lots of information about what it is... ie from gill rapley or another professional nutritionist. Especially when BC is such a prminent resource, they have to take the responsibility that comes with the blog.

sunfrog said...

Hmmmm....I don't know what BC is, so I can't really say much about that.

But, personally, I don't really get the theory behind not allowing FF babies to BLW. While BF is ideal for allowing babies to manage feedings, I think FF can be done (and usually is) in a thoughtful way that allows the baby to manage his own food too -- he drinks when he's hungry, stops when he's full (no "encouraging" to finish bottles and such, and allowing pacifiers to satisfy non-nutritive sucking urges). Is the worry that FF babes will eat to much, or too little, if they BLW? It seems most parents will use common sense and make sure their child is eating enough, regardless of what method they use.
It seems to me people have been BLW for ages (just not defined as such), and that many many FF babes of the past have done it with success.

I realize this is all just anecdotal, and I am certainly not the expert here. It just seems to me that the FF and BF babies I know are not that different when it comes to feeding, so that always bugs me when I see it mentioned with regards to BLW.

Billy's Mummy said...

As a Mum who has bf and is now pretty much ffing (one 1 bf per day now as back to work soon) When I’m at places like baby group where other Mums are talking the conversations is generally how much there lo has eaten but this always seem to be the Mums who aren’t and haven’t bf. When I moved to ff I found my lo didn’t have the capacity to eat what his little buddies were or what he apparently should be. I think my lo learnt from bf that he stops when he’s full and how to control his in take. You’re right tho BLW is not new thing it just has a name now, my Grandma who is 85yrs was BLW but never called that!

I do think the BC should give the Gill Rapley guidelines as I’ve been reading on their little bits that contradict the theory of BLW. I’m not saying I stick to it to the word but they are setting an example to others.

This by no means is a comment about Hannah, I think she's doing a great job and well don’t to her! But yes I think the BC should be more responsible and provide more info.

Mel_x said...

Thanks girls.

Sunfrog - BC is babycentre, a parenting site. They have started an "in-house" blog, but not put up any of the Gill Rapley guidelines, and have then had it advertised on a forum for premature babies! My issue with the ff is that it isn't said anywhere that the mum writing the blog is ff. I get asked a lot of q's about the effect on bf when starting BLW, and also a lot of questions about offering water. Both of these will be different if ff (esp the effect on bf's - lol!!). Not sure if that has cleared anything up for you!


Mel x

sunfrog said...

Ah, thanks, Mel! We have an American version of that website though perhaps its not as popular as the UK version.

Anyway, I did find the blog and I noticed she mentions the Rapley guidelines several times in her posts, and also that theres a link on the right column to a BC BLW article which quotes/references the Rapley study and talks the FF vs. BF issue.. They also say that you should check with a health visitor (assuming thats what we call a doctor/pediatrician here?) when dealing w/ premature babies. While a link to the GR guidelines would be nice, I think they have covered the issue well enough for me.

I do understand your concerns, though, and I definitely don't see anything about her FF, which would be helpful to know!

Lane'sMommy said...

Mel I just found your blog! I LOVE IT! I read the whole thing! (took all of my Saturday!) My son is 21 weeks and is always grabbing at my food. He has managed to get a banana in his mouth, oooo the face. I am excited about BLW, but I just don't know what to start with and when I should start. Seeing that you started with George ealier then the 26 weeks gives me hope. I am very grateful for all the time you have put into this blog, I am not a very domestic mommy, so coming up with a good dinner isn't something I am too experienced in. DH and I eat a lot of processed food and I sooo don't want my son to have any of it! SO your recipies are FABULOUS! Thanks again!!

Mel_x said...

Sundog - those have been added since I complained to the community managers! At least it did some good then!

Mel_x said...

Lane's mommy,

George has an "arsenic" face for any new taste - the "what is this poison" look! I am sure Lane will have a similar face! You will get used to it!

I am soooooo pleased to hear that you like the blog, and that it might be of some use to you. YAY!!! It is always good to get any comments as then you know that there is someone reading all my blurb after all! lol.

Let me know how you get on.


Mel x

Heidi said...

Ciaran gets the "MUMMY! POISON, EW!" face every time he tries something new too...most of the time he'll keep eating but sometimes (hello, pears!) he won't.

We just keep trying ;)

LJayne said...

My daughter was bf until 21 weeks and then fully ff (now 37 weeks). Does that make a difference, ie that she had a good bf run to start with? Only I've had no choice but to do BLW. I wouldn't have done if it were left up to me. I did my ds the traditional way, purees etc., and it was hugely successful. But my feisty madam gives me no say in the matter!

Mel_x said...

Hi Lesley,

I think there are 3 things which come to mind about the whole bf/ff issue:

1. No research done on ff & BLW, so the NHS will not recommend it. Same as with any drug / theory / system. I just find it hard to accept BC doing so when the only expert and the NHS won't.

2. There is the whole regulating intake issue - which Naomi will be an expert at!

3. I recently thought of the water / fluids issue. bf babies don't need water, and I struggled to get George to drink for ages.I only give him water as a learning exercise, not a drink iykwim. Things I have read where Gill says it is possible to BLW with a ff baby say that extra care needs to be paid to a ff baby as ff does not provide a drink in the same way as bf. Also, from what I have seen ff babies have less drinking from cups issues than bf babies, etc etc.

My concern is that it should be made clear that Hannah has ff'd Erin just so people are aware of this fact. There are differences in things like that.

I also know on the solid food board, and on here, I have been asked about bf & BLW, which she obviously cannot answer. I just personally think you cannot hold someone up as an example, and in doing so seem to elevate them into an expert, without letting those reading etc know all the facts.

I also think that there should be a link to the Rapley guidelines. I do not think BLW should be attempted without reading them!


Mel xx

ps - Glad to see Naomi doing so well with BLW! George must have been speaking to her about it - lol!