Thursday, 15 February 2007

A Valentines Meal for Three

Valentines Day!

You know the breakfast score!

I tried to be creative at lunch, and made a spanish type omlette, with organic potato, skinned orange pepper, shallot & organic cherry tomato. Yummy fresh organic eggs too.....all thrown on the floor in disgust!

We went and met DH for dinner out though, poor George eating an hour late as DH's bus broke down on the way to the restaurant! Am I the only woman to be almost stood up by her DH on valentines day! Still we all have a lovely pizza and some dough balls for dinner! Yummy!


Mel x

ps - sorry this is late - laptop died!

pps - forgot to say, on the bf front, I have noticed that George is reducing his breakfast feed, but has started to almost do breast compressions - I presume to speed up the feeds! V odd, but I did say I would also update on bf! x

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