Friday, 23 February 2007

A right old muddle all round!

Thursday 22nd February

so, my laptop seems to be dying, so sorry this is late! If I dissapear for a bit you will know why!

Breakfast was the obligitory banana and a slice of bread and butter. I have decided though that maybe it isn't so bad that George has a fresh organic fair trade banana every day - there are a lot worse things I could be feeding him eh?

He was wholly uninterested in the yummy cheese omlette I made him for lunch, but managed some more blooming berries! lol

dh did supper, and it seems that daddy presenting old leftover lunch omlettes is fine, and he ate the lot, along with an apple and a couple of strawbs!


Mel x

ps - Anniversary dinner was a disaster! Was sneaky & ordered a chicken dish, but they had hidden lardons in it, so felt unwell and couldn't eat my dinner! *sob*

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