Thursday, 8 February 2007

Quorn nuggets & not a lot of food!

Thursday 8th February

Well I think George is teething as he has eaten very little today.

He ate half a baked apple and some toast for breakfast - although I wonder if that had more to do with dh not cooking it as long as I do - lol.

At lunch time he rejected once more the organic pumpkin. He did eat a bit of red leicester, a bit of a breadstick and some baby figs though.

I once again got creative for supper, I defrosted some of the lentil croquettes and I made some quorn nuggets. George not really impressed with either tbh. He did eat some dried apricots, dried apple rings and a bit more cheese though.....hmmmmm, maybe it is my cooking!

Nah!!!! surely not.


Mel x

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