Sunday, 25 February 2007

Now DH thinks he is Nigella!

Sunday 25th February

Breakfast was once more the usual, but accompanied this time with some raspberries, blackberries and a slice of tiger bread and butter - yummy.

Yet again lunch was a bit on a non-starter, He managed 2/3rds of a tomato, and a few chunks of cheese but not much else really, although he did have a new taste of some loaded spoons of natural yoghurt.
Then, a very starnge thing happened at supper time, dh came up with a great meal suggestion! George had pancakes with stewed cinnamon apples and blueberries! Again I was soooo excited I took another "cookbook" photo....

George seemed to really like them, but so did dh who I had to fend off from them! He ate them with some natural yoghurt. I guess that they could have a bit of that spread in the middle - I will try that next time I think.

I think this makes up for my rubbish mummy efforts yesterday!


Mel x


solveig said...

Hi. I've just discovered your blog and am looking forward to reading about your experiences with BLW. I followed BLW with my daughter, who is now 14 months. It's been, on the whole, successful but there isn't a huge amount of information out there so it's really helpful to be able to read other people's accounts.

Mel_x said...


I am glad that you found BLW to be pretty sucessful, we are having great fun here!

I started the blog for that very reason, as it feels at times like you have gone a bit bonkers giving your little baby roast spuds etc!


Mel x