Thursday, 1 February 2007

Not a lot of lunch, and freezer specials for supper

Thursday 1st February

What the hell happened to January??? God that went by fast eh!

We were rushing out this morning to baby cafe once more, so yet again resorted to a banana, a pear and some toast for breakfast. I did put a scrape of marmite on George's toast, which he seems to like. He only has it very occassionally mind as it is salt city, but it is sooooo full of B vitamins!

We had an inpromptu lunch out, and I offered to share my baked potato with George, and the side salad, but he seemed to be happier with bread & shouting. I am wearing the bit of potato I gave him, so look a picture!!

I had managed to defrost some of the baby pies for his supper, so he ate them with a skinned tomato and some dried apple rings. He was in a very funny mood though, and would only eat the pies after he had pulled them apart and banged them on the table. I did tell him they were dead already, but he carried on regardless!! lol.

Let's hope with the numerous circuits of the park we did today that we have another sleep through! fingers crossed ladies!


Mel x

ps - Have you tried searching for me on google, do "baby lead weaning" and I am still the no1 result! Am so proud I want everyone to check it out!! lol x


rosie757 said...

Well done George! Eating well and bashing pies well! I've told Andrew how well you are eating to try and spur him on (Mr Fussy.) Give a big kiss from Andrew to all the lovely little girl babies at the baby cafe. He is now too boisterous to go.

Mel_x said...

Hi Rosie & Andrew!

George will try his best to kiss all the girlie babies on his behalf, but says he would love to catch up if you can brave it one day!


Mel x

Jeasmin said...

Not so clever mum finally realised why my lo - Hannah - started to moan after a short while in her high chair. The seat was too tight! This morning I thought I'll loosen the belt around her waist and to my great delight she sat in her chair for over half an hour and happily ate her breakfast - egg fried bread with papaya! BLW is back in action agian!

Yesterday was spent making cod fish finger with garlic and mixed herbs wrapped in fresh breadcrumbs and cheese and mixed dried herbs. She had it for supper and loved it. Okay I had the leftovers! It was yum yum! Also made some chicken nuggets - well my version, with grated carrots, cheese & mixed dried herbs and wrapped in breadcrumbs. She will have this for lunch. Today I am going to make some minced meat balls.

I am really enjoying this. It's nice to have the time. Lets hope I can continue this when I have to return to work. Hopefully by then it will be much more easier and quicker as she will be 1 - inshaAllah (god willing)

Take care.


Mel_x said...

Poor Hannah!

I am glad that you worked out what the problem was though!

It sounds like it was your turn to do a nigella with all that cooking. Will you let me know how you did the chicken nuggets?


Mel x