Tuesday, 20 February 2007

No lunch & pasta special for dinner

Tuesday 20th February

George seemed to think breakfast was an eatathon today, and had 2 bananas and some prunes!

I am not sure if it was the huge breakfast, teeth or his friend coming for lunch but no lunch was eaten really - by either George or M. Well, that is a lie, they both ate a tiny amount of a breadstick, but when I had cooked yummy butternut squash, carrots & parsnips I was still insulted - PMSL!

We had an early dinner with George tonight. He had hidden broccoli pasta, we had a disasterous curry which no doubt has inspired dh to continue to cook most of our meals! George at least ate and seemed to like his dinner.


Mel x

ps - I am taking bets on whether dh has remembered it is our wedding anniversary tomorrow!

pps - Have you got any tips on equipment or what you take out & about with you. Do share them on the baby led weaning equipment pages!


Jeasmin said...


Happy anniversary! How many years? It's amazing how time passes. I am preety certain dh will remember. Enjoy the day.

As for out and about, I have been bit of a whimp and have so far not eaten out. Tend to go out after food to avoid outdoor mess.

Take care


Mel_x said...

Thanks Honey,

3 years! Where did that go! I am quite sure he won't tbh! grrrr!

It took me a few weeks to start eating out, the main thing to do is just completely ignore all food that goes on the floor and just carry on eating your own meal! lol


Mel x

Billy's Mummy said...

Hi Mel

Our first meal out was a nightmare as he was into throwing food at that point - I’ve since learnt that it must be normal for kids to get food everywhere as the staff don’t actually care.

I'm very anal tho I carry detox antibac wipes in his changing bag so I can clean down any surface before he eats off it.

Our best meal out was a Sunday dinner cavery, he had a bit of everything - think the roast potatoes were better than mine tho!

Happy Anniversary - mines not till June and last year I was due to pop with William so did nothing for our first so I’ve hinted very heavily I want to go away - let hop he gets the hint!!

Em x

Anna said...

Happy anniversary!
You got married on my birthday! 'tis an auspicious day...

Mel_x said...

Em - I hope you do get to go away!

Anna - Happy birthday!


Mel x