Monday, 12 February 2007

No bread - and orange pepper

Monday 12th February

After the whole bread overload issue yesterday decided we were having a bread free day!

Breakfast was a banana and a pear. I know I kee aying this, but I am getting so fed up of this aa combination. It is hard though when George loves bananas so much!

Lunch was a non-starter, I think George was so full from breakfast tbh. He ate a small amount of roast carrot and he seemed to like the roasted orange pepper. (yuck!!!)

He finished off the carrot for supper, and then ate the bizarre combnation of a 2 egg omlette with philly spread onto it (we have run out of cheese!!). He seemed to really like it though!


Mel x

ps - BC have stopped me putting a post onto the BC BLW Blog!!! I said in it that anyone thinking of doing BLW should read the Gill Rapley guidelines, and put a link on to them. I also said that Hannah is ff. I amVERY shocked that it has been stopped, I thought the ethos of a public board is that it is open to comment.


Heidi said...

Personally, I'd give up on the BC BLW board if they're going to do that - there SHOULD be a link to the Gill Rapley guidelines and even if Hannah does choose to do BLW despite FF, she needs to make it clear that the original researcher doesn't advocate it but that she's not had any problems. Or something like that.

That they wouldn't let you post is really offensive, though.

Mel_x said...


thank you! That is exactly the sort of thing I think should be written on it.

Total madness!


Mel x