Saturday, 24 February 2007

Nigella - the return!

Friday 23rd February

Banana, baby dried figs and dates for breakfast!

I dusted off my Nigella title again today, and made George puff pastry tarts for lunch. I made them with three fillings, spinach & ricotta, garlic mushroom and baby tomatoes with cheddar. They were so fab in fact that I took a picture just of them!

George seemed to like them as much as I did!

Only thing I have let myself down on is that I no longer remember what he had for supper, combination of stupid laptop and going out for a drink last night! Loose ten mummy points!


Mel x


Jeasmin said...

They look yummy.

Do you mind posting the recipe? What kind of puff pastry did you buy?
many thanks.


Mel_x said...

Already done honey, in the recipe bit!

I just bought the ready rolled tesco stuff!


Mel x