Saturday, 24 February 2007

Leftover home cooking and dates

Saturday 24th February

I am ashamed to admit I played no real part in George's meals today as I was feeling very sorry for myself having come home at 2am! eek. (Loose 20 mummy points).

dh has told me breakfast was toast & philly and some dates.

At lunch dh tried to offer a tart, but George refused. I think he had dates only - so a good varied diet today!

Supper was leftover puff pastry tarts, which he seemed to enjoy more today! yay me!! (do I get back any mummy points here? no? okay!!). He also ate about half a punnet of blueberries.

I have got the last ingredients though for some new recipes! Will try harder next week - promise!


Mel x


rachiemum: said...

mel - i think you do really well with all the home cooking etc. I'm a little envious of all your culinary creativity! TBH poor Baby A just gets fairly basic food just yet but i'm determined to follow your example in the coming months and do some experimenting of my own.

thanx for the inspiration.
xx Rachael

Mel_x said...

Thanks Rachael,

I am being inventive after feeling guilty for just baking a few veg for ages!

Also the dreaded return to work is looming, so am making the most of my time as a SAHM!


Mel x