Saturday, 3 February 2007

A frightening amount of food, and a party for mummy!

Friday 2nd February

Sorry the post is late, I had some friends over last night for a candle party and so I was too busy to post!

George seemed to be on some sort of feed-a-thon though, he ate a remarkable amount.

Breakfast was half a papaya, a pear and some baby figs - which George likes much more than normal figs.

For lunch he had best part of half a baked butternut squash, a baked apple, some avacado and a bread stick. He seemed to quite enjoy the avacado this time so I may try him with it again.

For dinner he had some of my spinach & mushroom polenta, a banana and a skinned tomato, but he still seemed hungry. I gave him a slice of buttered bread and he ate 90% of that too. He is going to be the size of the house soon! lol


Mel x


Jeasmin said...

Hi Mel,

Was wondering why you hadn’t posted when I checked the blog after around 7ish. I have a habit of sitting down with a cuppa (and choc!) and browse on the net or just relax for a bit after I put Hannah to bed at 7pm.

DH loved the chicken nuggets, although Hannah wasn’t too keen. I think she is finding the chewing on meat/chicken a bit difficult to get use to. I have just started to give her meat and chicken and she seemed to struggle both times. Any tips? Sorry –not a nice Q to ask a vegetarian!

Re the recipe, just mix small-diced chicken, with grated cheese, carrot and garlic (1 clove) and mixed dried herbs. Then shape the mix into small nugget/meal ball size and dipped it in flour, then egg and then fresh breadcrumbs and just pan fried it for a bit. Make sure the chicken cooks properly. I tasted one before taking it off the heat – maybe you can ask DH to taste!

As for Hannah winging in her highchair, we are back to square one with this problem. She started doing this again from this morning. She seems as though she wants to eat and is hungry and stuffs her mouth with food and at the same moaning, whimpering. I don’t know why. I have to distract her by playing or talking to her. But after a while this doesn’t have any impact either. I end up just taking her out of the chair as I worry that meal times will be associated with crying. Yesterday, I put her on my lap during lunchtime, but this didn’t work either. She is eating a great deal, but BF going as normal which is a good thing. Also she is starting to loose a bit of weight – which I am getting a bit worried about. But I know that BF babies don’t gain much weight around 6 months.

Any advice?


Mel_x said...

My internet time is usually when dh is bathing George!

George seems unimpressed with the meat he has had so far. He has had beef in a casserole and chicken. Oh, and turkey at Christmas, but seemed uninterested tbh. The only meat I know he has eaten is ham in an omlette. Not an every day thing because of the salt though. I try and give him lentils, tofu & polenta as sunstitutes and dh can make the meat! lol

George makes funny noises sometimes too when he is eating, some are hmmm mmmm's but some are v odd. TBH I ignore him, but he eats less when he does that (I think!)

The weight gain slows down at around 6 months, esp as this is when babies get more active, crawling etc. This is normal, and the centile charts will level off too. Have you tried ignoring Hannah when she eats? Obviously not leaving the room, but pottering near by. If George is in a funny mood this often helps, maybe it is stage fright - lol!!!

Thanks for the recipe.


Mel x

Jeasmin said...

Thanks Mel. I'll try the ignoring during this eve's meal and see how that goes. I think I'll get her weighed on Mon which may help to reassure me that her weight is ok. But this morning, she did a massive 'you know what' so i know she is eating! I think we just worry too much.

Take care and enjoy the weekend.