Monday, 26 February 2007

Filo Triangles

Monday 26th February

it is amazing how a broken laptop inspires you to be creative in the kitchen! lol.

Breakfast was a banana and some blueberries - served by dh whilst I went back to sleep - bliss!

The last few days George has barely eaten anything at lunch, so I wasn't planning to offer much. At 12.30 on the dot he started screaming, and I just couldn't get food down quickly enough! He ate loads of raspberries and blackberries and a mini pitta with hummus.

For supper he had my filo trianges - some were stuffed with spinach & ricotta and some with a mixture of a garlic portabello mushroom, the pan fried corgettes he refused yesterday and the leftover 1/3 a tomato. I blitzed this all up. I will post the recipe with a pic when I trust the laptop more!

The crispy outside was mainly left, but he ate the middle and the inside layer of pastry.

The triangles were accompanied by some black & white grapes. Yummy!


Mel x

ps - my friend had a little girl yesterday, I am a fake auntie again! I am also her bf counsellor, and you never know, we may have another baby led weaner in waiting! lol. Welcome Ysabelle Sarah, 8lb 7oz by emcs. xx

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Heidi said...

Where do you find filo pastry nearby or do you just order it from the tesco delivery? unsurprisingly, crap asda doesn't carry it.