Monday, 5 February 2007

A double banana day & another go at Raisin wheats

Monday 5th February

Well I tried again with the raisin wheats at breakfast, and i think George ate a few, but he doesn't seem to like it when they get to soggy. I tried giving him a few dry, but he wasn't keen. I will try again in another couple of days. So, as a result, not only did he have a banana for breakfast, he had 2. And some prunes!

I wasn't too surprised when lunch was quite little, he ate some cheese, some philadelphia on bread (i know, i know 2 cheese lunch = not great!) and a skinned tomato. Well, looking back, maybe not so little.

For supper I made him spinach & philadelphia pancake sushi's, and he ate it all, and a couple of random carrot batons left over from yesterday that dh found.

Off to the organic supermarket i think tomorrow to get some more goodies!


Mel x

ps - I have added in some recipes to the new recipe section. If you have any good baby led weaning recipes then please let me know & I will add them in (and give you the credit for them obviously!!) x


Billy's Mummy said...

Finally the pancakes were a hit with Will - i've posted the video on his blog looked like he thought he was conducting a orchestra with them - had to stop my self laughing but he ate loads. Great idea they are! Em x

Anna said...

Hi Mel,
Why do you skin tomatoes for George? Do you cut them up as well?

Mel_x said...

Yay for Will! I am glad he finally liked them!

Anna - I never used to skin the tomatoes for George, but he ised to mainly just suck out the middle and leave the main flashy bit. If I skin them he eats it all! I then cut it into 1/6ths.


Mel x