Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Baby Pizza - and teething a lot!

Wednesday 21st February - 3rd Wedding Anniversary!!

Breakfast was a banana and a whole mango - George will soon resemble the goodyear blimp!

For lunch I made baby pizza's. I am afraid it was a shop bought pizza dough packet mix, but i kneeded it all myself! I cut out the dough with a pastry cutter, and topped them with goodies (I will add to the recipes later!). George picked at them, but just cried. In the end, I gave him a banana as it was the only soft thing I had to hand. He seems to be teething really badly at the moment.

I tried again with a pizza for dinner, but same problem. He rejected left over baked veg too, and so ate mainly a berry selection! The pizzas have been frozen for when the teeth have stopped bothering him!


Mel x

ps - dh bought me a card! As I was convinced he had forgotten I didn't get him one until this afternoon! lol. We are off to The Market Restaurant for dinner - yummy!

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