Tuesday, 6 February 2007

An attempt at a meat day!

Tuesday 6th February

George was starving this morning....I was trying to get us out of the house early today and he just kept eating and eating! He had the obligatory banana, a piece of toast & butter and a handful of baby figs! Blimey!!

We were at a friends house for lunch, and as she is BLW her lovely little girl, George was in good company. Knowing my meat issues, not only had she made a chicken casserole for the babies, but she also offered to send me home with a portion too. George however shouted at it, then threw bits on the floor uneaten. I think he was put off by the pink version of his blue dinner mat! lol

Dh did George's dinner, and a right old mix it was too! He had a 1 egg omlette with cheese and ham, some steamed carrot batons, corgette batons and dried apple rings. wow!

We are off to the hospital tomorrow, so wish us luck!


Mel x

ps - George crawled properly today for the 1st time - yay. Think it was the carpet at his mates house!!

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