Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Chicken Casserole and Lentil Sandwiches

Tuesday 27th February

breakfast was a banana and some berries!

We ate out this lunch, at M's house. The mummy's had lovely mushroom soup and the babies had chicken casserole with parsnip & sweet potato. George had a hunk of french bread too, and then a plum for dessert! He even ate some of the chicken!

We got home with no time to cook up a storm, so improvising was the name of the game. I tried just some lentils on their own, but George quite rightly decided I had gone mad! He did eat them in a buttered "sandwich" though - odd boy! He also had some dried apricots, majool dates, some blueberries and some grapes! WOW, hungry boy today eh!


Mel x

ps - major laptop problems! Hope to keep posting, but promise to miss me if it dies!

Monday, 26 February 2007

Filo Triangles

Monday 26th February

it is amazing how a broken laptop inspires you to be creative in the kitchen! lol.

Breakfast was a banana and some blueberries - served by dh whilst I went back to sleep - bliss!

The last few days George has barely eaten anything at lunch, so I wasn't planning to offer much. At 12.30 on the dot he started screaming, and I just couldn't get food down quickly enough! He ate loads of raspberries and blackberries and a mini pitta with hummus.

For supper he had my filo trianges - some were stuffed with spinach & ricotta and some with a mixture of a garlic portabello mushroom, the pan fried corgettes he refused yesterday and the leftover 1/3 a tomato. I blitzed this all up. I will post the recipe with a pic when I trust the laptop more!

The crispy outside was mainly left, but he ate the middle and the inside layer of pastry.

The triangles were accompanied by some black & white grapes. Yummy!


Mel x

ps - my friend had a little girl yesterday, I am a fake auntie again! I am also her bf counsellor, and you never know, we may have another baby led weaner in waiting! lol. Welcome Ysabelle Sarah, 8lb 7oz by emcs. xx

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Now DH thinks he is Nigella!

Sunday 25th February

Breakfast was once more the usual, but accompanied this time with some raspberries, blackberries and a slice of tiger bread and butter - yummy.

Yet again lunch was a bit on a non-starter, He managed 2/3rds of a tomato, and a few chunks of cheese but not much else really, although he did have a new taste of some loaded spoons of natural yoghurt.
Then, a very starnge thing happened at supper time, dh came up with a great meal suggestion! George had pancakes with stewed cinnamon apples and blueberries! Again I was soooo excited I took another "cookbook" photo....

George seemed to really like them, but so did dh who I had to fend off from them! He ate them with some natural yoghurt. I guess that they could have a bit of that spread in the middle - I will try that next time I think.

I think this makes up for my rubbish mummy efforts yesterday!


Mel x

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Leftover home cooking and dates

Saturday 24th February

I am ashamed to admit I played no real part in George's meals today as I was feeling very sorry for myself having come home at 2am! eek. (Loose 20 mummy points).

dh has told me breakfast was toast & philly and some dates.

At lunch dh tried to offer a tart, but George refused. I think he had dates only - so a good varied diet today!

Supper was leftover puff pastry tarts, which he seemed to enjoy more today! yay me!! (do I get back any mummy points here? no? okay!!). He also ate about half a punnet of blueberries.

I have got the last ingredients though for some new recipes! Will try harder next week - promise!


Mel x

Nigella - the return!

Friday 23rd February

Banana, baby dried figs and dates for breakfast!

I dusted off my Nigella title again today, and made George puff pastry tarts for lunch. I made them with three fillings, spinach & ricotta, garlic mushroom and baby tomatoes with cheddar. They were so fab in fact that I took a picture just of them!

George seemed to like them as much as I did!

Only thing I have let myself down on is that I no longer remember what he had for supper, combination of stupid laptop and going out for a drink last night! Loose ten mummy points!


Mel x

Friday, 23 February 2007

A right old muddle all round!

Thursday 22nd February

so, my laptop seems to be dying, so sorry this is late! If I dissapear for a bit you will know why!

Breakfast was the obligitory banana and a slice of bread and butter. I have decided though that maybe it isn't so bad that George has a fresh organic fair trade banana every day - there are a lot worse things I could be feeding him eh?

He was wholly uninterested in the yummy cheese omlette I made him for lunch, but managed some more blooming berries! lol

dh did supper, and it seems that daddy presenting old leftover lunch omlettes is fine, and he ate the lot, along with an apple and a couple of strawbs!


Mel x

ps - Anniversary dinner was a disaster! Was sneaky & ordered a chicken dish, but they had hidden lardons in it, so felt unwell and couldn't eat my dinner! *sob*

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Baby Pizza - and teething a lot!

Wednesday 21st February - 3rd Wedding Anniversary!!

Breakfast was a banana and a whole mango - George will soon resemble the goodyear blimp!

For lunch I made baby pizza's. I am afraid it was a shop bought pizza dough packet mix, but i kneeded it all myself! I cut out the dough with a pastry cutter, and topped them with goodies (I will add to the recipes later!). George picked at them, but just cried. In the end, I gave him a banana as it was the only soft thing I had to hand. He seems to be teething really badly at the moment.

I tried again with a pizza for dinner, but same problem. He rejected left over baked veg too, and so ate mainly a berry selection! The pizzas have been frozen for when the teeth have stopped bothering him!


Mel x

ps - dh bought me a card! As I was convinced he had forgotten I didn't get him one until this afternoon! lol. We are off to The Market Restaurant for dinner - yummy!

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

No lunch & pasta special for dinner

Tuesday 20th February

George seemed to think breakfast was an eatathon today, and had 2 bananas and some prunes!

I am not sure if it was the huge breakfast, teeth or his friend coming for lunch but no lunch was eaten really - by either George or M. Well, that is a lie, they both ate a tiny amount of a breadstick, but when I had cooked yummy butternut squash, carrots & parsnips I was still insulted - PMSL!

We had an early dinner with George tonight. He had hidden broccoli pasta, we had a disasterous curry which no doubt has inspired dh to continue to cook most of our meals! George at least ate and seemed to like his dinner.


Mel x

ps - I am taking bets on whether dh has remembered it is our wedding anniversary tomorrow!

pps - Have you got any tips on equipment or what you take out & about with you. Do share them on the baby led weaning equipment pages!

Monday, 19 February 2007

Chicken Quesidillas

Monday 19th February

Dh got up after George's 1st bf (now down to 20 mins in total from 40!) and did breakfast whilst I had a lie in (yay!). He had a banana and the rest of the blueberries.

For lunch I made quesidillas (sp - I know!!). As well as cheese in them though I added some chopped cherry tomatoes, the left over roast carrot & chicken from yesterday, cut up very small. George loved it! yay! I had cheese, tomato & chilli! lol.

George went on sleep strike though today, and thankfully dh came home and took over so I had a bath and read a book. DH did his dinner of toast & philly and tomatoes.


Mel x

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Sunday Roast, a load of berries and cutlery!

Sunday 18th February


Breakfast this morning consisted of about half a massive punnet of strawberries and the same of blackberries. The added twist was that George ate the majority of them off his "big kids cutlery" fork which Gran had given him for Christmas. The age warning says from 3 years, so yet another reckless parent moment, but he did really well - he still has both his eyes!

Dh thought after such a big breakfast that George didn't need lunch, but I thought we should offer something at least! 1/3 of a punnet of blueberries, a big pear and some prunes later I announced dh had been proved wrong! lol.

We made a yummy sunday roast for all of us tonight, roast spuds, carrots, parsnips, broccoli and chicken. George ate the spuds and the parsnips, totally ignored the carrots and looked at us like we had gone mad over the broccoli! I think he ate some chicken, he seemed to give it a good chew, so I think so! There is some left over so I will hide it in something tomorrow! lol.

Further examples of bad parenting came when I let him try some ice cream....it was green & blacks organic vanilla if that lessens the parenting crime any? It was only a tiny taste though!


Mel x

Saturday, 17 February 2007

Omlettes and Berries

Saturday 17th February

DH did breakfast, and so he stuck to the tried and tested usual suspects! I will have to have a search for cereal alternatives!

We had lunch at Dunham Massey, and whilst there were some yummy things which George could have tried we stuck to the "packed lunch" I had bought for him, topped up with some bits of bread and some of dh's veggies. So it was dried apricots and breadsticks mainly! He was far too interested in what was going on around him though so hardly ate anything.

He more than made up for it at dinner, polishing off 1 1/2 leftover pancakes, a 1 egg cheese omelet and half a punnet each of strawberries and blackberries! I thought he would be eating forever!

The shopping arrives tomorrow - but Tesco had no filo pastry! I have ingredients though for some new finger foods - so watch this space!


Mel x

ps - was a very naughty mummy and let George have a try of some pastry from my eclaire. Bad mummy!

Friday, 16 February 2007

A whole load of everything

Friday 16th February

Breakfast - another failed attempt with raisin wheats, and then a banana & a pear!

For lunch I thought that for the sake of my ego I would try cooking, and so we had the spinach and philly pancake sushi rolls, and he ate 2 1/2 pancakes! He also finished off with a few dates! woo hoo!

Supper was a whole mango and best part of an avocado, so we are definitely back on food form again today!

Have a nice weekend all.


Mel x

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Why does he hate my cooking all of a sudden!

Thursday 15th February

See every other day for details of breakfast! aarrgghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

For lunch I dug out the leftover spanish omlette, and it was thrown straight onto the floor! Honestly, I could kill him some days! He eats every component of the meal, so why it is so bad all together I don't know! In the end I resorted to philly on toast, chunks of mature cheddar and baby tomatoes! Hardly a balanced meal....

Dinner came with more heartache....I had cooked some more of the yummy soya mince meat balls but they fell foul of the "squidge test", as it seems anything too crumbly or soft is not good enough for my lovely son. He did eat the baked sweet potato and some dried fruit though. So, I am now feeling guilty that he has refused all protein today! MUST get dh to make him something meaty this weekend! (or maybe try a soya spag bol...hhhmmmmm.....)

off out for a mummy's night out tonight - woo hoo!


Mel x

A Valentines Meal for Three

Valentines Day!

You know the breakfast score!

I tried to be creative at lunch, and made a spanish type omlette, with organic potato, skinned orange pepper, shallot & organic cherry tomato. Yummy fresh organic eggs too.....all thrown on the floor in disgust!

We went and met DH for dinner out though, poor George eating an hour late as DH's bus broke down on the way to the restaurant! Am I the only woman to be almost stood up by her DH on valentines day! Still we all have a lovely pizza and some dough balls for dinner! Yummy!


Mel x

ps - sorry this is late - laptop died!

pps - forgot to say, on the bf front, I have noticed that George is reducing his breakfast feed, but has started to almost do breast compressions - I presume to speed up the feeds! V odd, but I did say I would also update on bf! x

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

A little bit of everything I think!

Tuesday 13th February

We once again breakfasted on a banana and a pear, no time to faff about this morning, we're off to visit George's guide mummy!

I took a "packed" lunch of a breadstick, baby tomatoes, baby figs and dried apricots with me, and George ate the lot. His guide mummy was very impressed with his eating!

We had a last minute change of plan, and George had his dinner with Auntie Hayley too. After a look round she prepared a yummy dinner of steamed carrots & sweet potato, mango, tomatoes and a slice of brown bread! A very contented George slept all the way home after that!


Mel x

Monday, 12 February 2007

No bread - and orange pepper

Monday 12th February

After the whole bread overload issue yesterday decided we were having a bread free day!

Breakfast was a banana and a pear. I know I kee aying this, but I am getting so fed up of this aa combination. It is hard though when George loves bananas so much!

Lunch was a non-starter, I think George was so full from breakfast tbh. He ate a small amount of roast carrot and he seemed to like the roasted orange pepper. (yuck!!!)

He finished off the carrot for supper, and then ate the bizarre combnation of a 2 egg omlette with philly spread onto it (we have run out of cheese!!). He seemed to really like it though!


Mel x

ps - BC have stopped me putting a post onto the BC BLW Blog!!! I said in it that anyone thinking of doing BLW should read the Gill Rapley guidelines, and put a link on to them. I also said that Hannah is ff. I amVERY shocked that it has been stopped, I thought the ethos of a public board is that it is open to comment.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Way too much bread - how to make a show of mummy!!

Sunday 11th February

dh did breakfast today, whilst I suffered in bed.....I think it was a banana and toast! how original!

When I finally surfaced we went out for a nice lunch in Chorlton Green. The place we went has high chairs etc, and is very baby friendly. We ordered George some bread and then a portion of veg (just a side portion iykwim), which was carrots & new potatoes. All George would eat was bread - anything else was screamed at, even food off my plate. So best part of 3 slices of bread was all he ate - wonderful!

DH did supper (wow, how lucky am I????) which was baby figs, half a mango and some dried apple rings....phew, no bread in sight!

With this week coming being half term, all my classes are off, so I will try and have another cook off this week. We have been to the organic supermarket & stocked up today, so fingers crossed for my cooking!


Mel x

A Wedding!

Saturday 10th February

sorry this is late everyone, I was out dancing and drinking gin until late last night (well late for the new mummy me!) at DH's cousin's wedding. It was a really lovely day! The wedding was at 2, so we were able to feed George breakfast (banana's & toast) and lunch (baby pies) at home.

The perfectly timed wedding breakfast was at 5pm, George's dinner time. They had highchairs ready for the baby's and we had bought lots with us food wise. George ate the bread roll at his place setting, some tomatoes, red leicester chunks, bread sticks, and a bit of pear. He did seem to throw the bit of left over baby pie on the floor! Thanks!!

The other baby on our table was 2 weeks off being 1 and was being spoon fed slop....so I filled the parents in on Baby led weaning and gave them all sorts of ideas for finger foods! lol.

Off to drink some water!


Mel x

Friday, 9 February 2007

Wagamama's Chicken Katsu Curry

Friday 9th February

okay okay.....so when I say I am a veggie, I do cheat every so often & have some chicken! (sorry!!). After a quick breakfast of banana (2!!!!) and some blackberry's off we went swimming with a friend. We then went & had lunch in wagamamas, when I treated myself to the Katsu curry.

George had a selection of dried fruit, cheese, breadsticks etc to keep him going, but actually ate some of the chicken too! (not with the curry sauce on before you start!!). We did laugh though, as the helpful waitress bought us a kids menu & kids chopsticks over.....I know George is good, but not that good yet! lol.

During supper a lady was fitting the cupboard locks for us, and every time she drilled George cried. The only way to get round this was to give him more blackberries! He didn't eat much dinner, but looking back over the day he has had quite a lot, so I guess it is okay.


Mel x

ps - Girls, what do you think.....

BC have started their own blog, run by Hannah who is my board mod & a friend. I think this is great in principal, but they have no link on there to the Rapley guidelines. They do not tell anyone that Hannah ff her lo, so her experience will be different to a bf mum. Also they have advertised the blog on the "born too soon" forum when Gill R says specifically that preterm babies mum's should speak to the HP's before starting BLW. I think this is all a bit irresponsible, but am I just being silly?

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Quorn nuggets & not a lot of food!

Thursday 8th February

Well I think George is teething as he has eaten very little today.

He ate half a baked apple and some toast for breakfast - although I wonder if that had more to do with dh not cooking it as long as I do - lol.

At lunch time he rejected once more the organic pumpkin. He did eat a bit of red leicester, a bit of a breadstick and some baby figs though.

I once again got creative for supper, I defrosted some of the lentil croquettes and I made some quorn nuggets. George not really impressed with either tbh. He did eat some dried apricots, dried apple rings and a bit more cheese though.....hmmmmm, maybe it is my cooking!

Nah!!!! surely not.


Mel x

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

The Visit to the Hospital!

Wednesday 7th February

Well today was the big day. We were in a rush to get out on time today, so yet again it was a banana & toast for breakfast!

The paed was mega impressed with George's weight gain since she had seen him last, commenting on what a good job we had been doing with him. He was standing up when she was loking at him, and even giggled when she felt his tummy. She has signed him off, which is unusual as they usually do another follow up, and has said to cancel the appointment with the dietician as his food is obviously fine. She commented that he had a very varied diet too, which was nice.

Brimming with pride we came home and he lunched on pitta and hummus and a tomato.

For supper (after we collected our new car - yay!) was a baked apple, some roast pumpkin and a selection of dried fruit. He apparently wasn't keen on the pumpkin, and it was a mega cute organic one! Will try him with it tomorrow and see of it has improved! lol

All in all a very good day.


Mel x

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

An attempt at a meat day!

Tuesday 6th February

George was starving this morning....I was trying to get us out of the house early today and he just kept eating and eating! He had the obligatory banana, a piece of toast & butter and a handful of baby figs! Blimey!!

We were at a friends house for lunch, and as she is BLW her lovely little girl, George was in good company. Knowing my meat issues, not only had she made a chicken casserole for the babies, but she also offered to send me home with a portion too. George however shouted at it, then threw bits on the floor uneaten. I think he was put off by the pink version of his blue dinner mat! lol

Dh did George's dinner, and a right old mix it was too! He had a 1 egg omlette with cheese and ham, some steamed carrot batons, corgette batons and dried apple rings. wow!

We are off to the hospital tomorrow, so wish us luck!


Mel x

ps - George crawled properly today for the 1st time - yay. Think it was the carpet at his mates house!!

Monday, 5 February 2007

A double banana day & another go at Raisin wheats

Monday 5th February

Well I tried again with the raisin wheats at breakfast, and i think George ate a few, but he doesn't seem to like it when they get to soggy. I tried giving him a few dry, but he wasn't keen. I will try again in another couple of days. So, as a result, not only did he have a banana for breakfast, he had 2. And some prunes!

I wasn't too surprised when lunch was quite little, he ate some cheese, some philadelphia on bread (i know, i know 2 cheese lunch = not great!) and a skinned tomato. Well, looking back, maybe not so little.

For supper I made him spinach & philadelphia pancake sushi's, and he ate it all, and a couple of random carrot batons left over from yesterday that dh found.

Off to the organic supermarket i think tomorrow to get some more goodies!


Mel x

ps - I have added in some recipes to the new recipe section. If you have any good baby led weaning recipes then please let me know & I will add them in (and give you the credit for them obviously!!) x

Sunday, 4 February 2007

No lunch, a bizzare supper and a change in the blog!

Sunday 4th February

Breakfast is so predictable it hardly warrants a mention! lol

George was in a funny mood at lunch, he had had a really long sleep in the morning so I don't know if that affected his appetite. Lunch was a bit of an odd mix, carrots & corgette steamed then pan fried, a skinned tomato and a breadstick.

Continuing the bizarre food, for supper he then had left over BN Squash, some baby figs, a ton of dried apricots and some baby corn, which he looked at like it was poison!


Mel x

ps - have added in some links to the blog now about baby lead weaning issues. I still need to update them all, so bear with me! x

Saturday, 3 February 2007

A small orange boy

Saturday 3rd February

We started predictably enough this morning with a banana & a pear. same old, same old!

I got a bit more adventerous at lunch, and tried one of my omlettes, and amazingly it got eaten! Yipee. George also ate some baked BN squash from yesterday and I am certain there was something else, but am loosing my mind so cannot recall!

For supper he had pasta in my home made pasta sauce, the one with the hidden broccoli! I mixed in grated cheese too, for extra yumminess! We also tried out the new bowl we got given at baby cafe on thursday! It all started so well......

......but soon the little orange boy arrived! I don't know what I did to the sauce when I made it, but I struggled to un-orange him, even in the bath!

He did eat quite a lot of the pasta though this time, which was good. I was a bit worried as I had to resort to brown pasta as that was all there was in the house, but he had the same bf as usual. I am sure he will survive.
Mel x

A frightening amount of food, and a party for mummy!

Friday 2nd February

Sorry the post is late, I had some friends over last night for a candle party and so I was too busy to post!

George seemed to be on some sort of feed-a-thon though, he ate a remarkable amount.

Breakfast was half a papaya, a pear and some baby figs - which George likes much more than normal figs.

For lunch he had best part of half a baked butternut squash, a baked apple, some avacado and a bread stick. He seemed to quite enjoy the avacado this time so I may try him with it again.

For dinner he had some of my spinach & mushroom polenta, a banana and a skinned tomato, but he still seemed hungry. I gave him a slice of buttered bread and he ate 90% of that too. He is going to be the size of the house soon! lol


Mel x

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Not a lot of lunch, and freezer specials for supper

Thursday 1st February

What the hell happened to January??? God that went by fast eh!

We were rushing out this morning to baby cafe once more, so yet again resorted to a banana, a pear and some toast for breakfast. I did put a scrape of marmite on George's toast, which he seems to like. He only has it very occassionally mind as it is salt city, but it is sooooo full of B vitamins!

We had an inpromptu lunch out, and I offered to share my baked potato with George, and the side salad, but he seemed to be happier with bread & shouting. I am wearing the bit of potato I gave him, so look a picture!!

I had managed to defrost some of the baby pies for his supper, so he ate them with a skinned tomato and some dried apple rings. He was in a very funny mood though, and would only eat the pies after he had pulled them apart and banged them on the table. I did tell him they were dead already, but he carried on regardless!! lol.

Let's hope with the numerous circuits of the park we did today that we have another sleep through! fingers crossed ladies!


Mel x

ps - Have you tried searching for me on google, do "baby lead weaning" and I am still the no1 result! Am so proud I want everyone to check it out!! lol x