Monday, 15 January 2007

why do I have good new food ideas after dinner?

Monday 15th January

Another uninspiring day here I am afraid to report. George breakfasted on another banana (the latest bunch has run out now!!!), a pear & apricots. He seems to have got over the overfacing issue though, so I can put more on his mat in one go.

Lunch was a baked sweet potato and a jacket potato, both of which he seemed to love today. I gave him some sultanas too, which he can get into his mouth, but today seemed a bit unsure of.

DH did his supper of a pan fried (in butter) apple and something else, which I didn't catch as he mumbled it through the kitchen door! DH came home early from work today, so was instantly recruited for supper duty!

It was only after supper that I remembered I was going to do mixed bean "pate" and thought of croque monsure (sp) as an idea. Have written them down here in the hope I remember tomorrow!


Mel x


debbie said...

Hi Melanie--I'm a new member of the b-l w Yahoo group, and found your blog through there. Thanks so much for doing this! My boy Harry Mose is 4 1/2 months old and we're gearing up to start solids soon. When we do, we plan to go the baby-led route, so reading about your experience is wonderful.

George is gorgeous, by the way!

Mel_x said...


I am really glad that you have found our little blog useful, i think weaning of any type is pretty daunting, but more so when there is a lack of good info out there to rassure you.

Let me know how you & Harry get on.


Mel x

joooles said...

Hi Mel, I've just started reading your blog after finding it on Gill Rapley's site...and it's fab...I wanted to BLW then got sucked into the puree thing just before 6 DD then started refusing spoon feeding (now 7 months) so finger foods it is and she much perfers it! Although I don't know how much she eats, something is going in iykwim!

Just a quickie, but how did you (I know you started a while ago!!) bake and serve sweet potatoes - I have one in the oven at the moment ready for tea!

Mel_x said...


Hi - sorry, been awol for a while! I used to bake the sweet spuds, then skin them and slice them! George LOVED them!

Hope your doing well still

Mel x