Thursday, 4 January 2007

A Whole Mango

Thursday 4th January

Baby G refused to eat very much of his leftover omlette for breakfast, and even turned his nose up at dried apricots, but managed a chew on a breadstick.

I decided to to experiment and drop Baby G's 12.30 bf, as it is a battle more often than not, and he never asks for it. It is so quick that it cannot be more than a drink. I gave him extra water at lunch, which he drank well, the IKEA frog cup is a great sucess. He ate roast carrotts, parsnips & some baked squash for lunch. This made up for the small breakfast!!!

DH did his dinner whilst I went to the GP, and he ate a whole mango!!!! He seems unbothered so far about the dropped bf, but the real test will be tonight!


Mel x

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