Saturday, 6 January 2007

Wagamamas & Pizza Express

Friday 5th January

Am culinary genius!!!! I decided that there was a lot of wastage on roast stuff as Baby G won't eat the skins. So, today I peeled parsnips & Carrots, rubbed oil on them & bundled them in silver foil with some thyme & butter. I then baked them, and they were lovely and soft.

Baby G ate them in Wagamamas whilst I had lunch with a friend. I must say they were really helpful in there - v impressed.

Then in my eating out extravaganza DH met me after shopping & we went to pizza express for dinner. Baby G tried an olive, and then had a kids margerita. He sucked the cheese & tomato off the top, and ate some of the base. He polished off our strawberry garnishes from our desserts too.

A very fattening day all round!!


Mel x

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