Sunday, 14 January 2007

a total lack of inspiration!

Sunday 14th January

I have really got to start thinking of new foods for George.

Breakfast was once again banana and prunes, today accompanied by strawberries.

Lunch was bread & butter and half a mango

Dinner was some of the freezer portions of beef in red wine & I think a few strawberries for "dessert".

I kmow this is actually a varied diet with all the food groups represented....yadda yadda yadda..... but I don't feel inspired by any of it. I really am going to have to try and get a bit more imaginative!

My mummy report reads 6/10 for effort, must try harder!


Mel x


Trayc said...

hi jjst after some advice if this is ok? my little girl jessica has just turned 6 months and i want to have a go at blw can i just jump straight in there and give her finger foods as like i said she has only just turned 6 months and im not sure what she could handle to eat im bit scared really lol.thankyou x

Mel_x said...

Hi Tracy,

exactly as you say it, just jump right in and let her have something to hold and chew. George had (and still has) no teeth and that isn't a bar to him eating like a gannett!

As you will see I started him with just a few sticks of fruit. He didn't really eat much for the first week or so, but he ate more than I thought as there was a real change in his nappies.

I was quite worried for the 1st night or so, and cried tbh as I decided he no longer needed me as he was such a big boy!!! They get the hang of it pretty quick.

I just added a new taste every day, but I wasn't worried about allergies as there are none on either side.

Have a read from the bottom up and you will see how I added in things, and how George reacted!


Mel x