Saturday, 27 January 2007

Stockport Hat Museum's finest BLW fare!

Saturday 27th January,

We decided to get out & about early today so we fell back to a banana & a slice of toast for breakfast. It is hard to avoid when it is so easy and he likes it sooooo much!

So out we headed to Stockport! Hhhmmmm, less said is better tbh. Maybe we were looking in the wrong places but there was no-where we could find which sold any food that I was prepared to give George. So as we were heading to the Hat Museum (v good btw) we decided to try their cafe. We managed to make a very passable meal out of raisins & baby bel from the cafe's kids menu combined with my side salad tomatoes, cucumber & yellow pepper and some of my panini. DH was supposed to share his baked potato but he put salt on it! Duh!

For supper George ate about 4/5ths of a lovely ripe organic mango - he seems to like them, strange boy.


Mel x

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