Thursday, 11 January 2007

Spreading the word! Sautee Potatoes & Yoghurt

Thursday 11th January

We were back at babay cafe today, so Baby G had an early breakfast of............a banana...(again!!!) and some dried figs.

I spoke to a couple of girls at baby cafe who are also thinking of going the BLW route, and passed on the blog address (hi if you find it!), and also emailed the details to someone from the BLW yahoo group (hi too) so hopefully some people will find me soon!

Lunch was sautee potatoes (boiled then fried in butter with garlic & black pepper) with a mini-pitta & hummous. I gave Baby G the garlic to try, but he didn't seem impressed tbh. I also let him try a bit of my yoghurt (I held out the spoon and he pulled it in - still BLW in my book!) which he seemed confused by, but I then saw how much sugar was in there so I stopped after 1 spoon!

I decided to bake a half a butternut squash for Baby G's dinner and also bake a big carrot ready for tomorrow at the same time. I spent 10 minutes battling with the silver foil as bits of carrot kept poking through! aarrgghhh!!!

Baby G ate most of the squash, eventually. Accompanied by a bread stick - odd boy!

Here's to spreading the BLW word


Mel x

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