Wednesday, 10 January 2007

The return of the Oompa Loompa

Wednesday 10th January

Baby G breakfasted once more on a banana, accompanied by some dried apricots & a crumpet. After the initial sucess with the crumpets he now seems to hate them, and I think it all went on the floor.

About the apricots, they are ready to eat ones, and I don't soak them, just give straight out the packet pulled in half.

He had lunch a bit early as we were off to baby massage, and he was stuffing down cherry tomatoes and cheese like no-ones business! Once again I have forgotten what else he had!!

After a starter of bread sticks he had pasta & sauce again (from the freezer). This time I cut the cooked rigattoni in half, and he managed much better. He still largely sucked all the sauce off, but I think some pasta got eaten. I mixed in grated cheese this time, it did nothing for the oompa loompa effect, but it seemed to make it more yummy.


Mel x

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