Thursday, 18 January 2007

Raisin Wheat

Thursday 18th January

I was all set with my new and exciting breakfast of raisin wheats that i honestly thought I wouldn't need to fall back on a bloomin' banana this morning, but George was a bit suspicious of them, and as we had to rush out to baby cafe I gave in! I think he did eat some of them though. I will try again tomorrow with warm milk I think.

Lunch was a pear and the remains of the baked butternut squash - but I think the evil teeth were playing up so he didn't eat a lot. It didn't help that after his 8 month check lunch was an hour late.

For dinner he threw some more tofu on the floor! He was quite enthusiastic though about thick white bread with philadelphia. As he was still hungry I gave him the last two prunes in the packet & then a huge number of dried apricots. Where does it all go????


Mel x

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