Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Prickly pear, papaya & mini figs

Wednesday 31st January

Well, I did say expect some new things after yesterdays shopping trip!

The prickly pear (i had forgotten what it was when I got to the check out, but my friend said this is what it was, minus prickles!!) was very odd indeed. It had big hard pips, which when removed made it look like swiss cheese. George seemed to think it was okay, but not sure I would get one again - way too much faff for very little fruit. This was accompanied by half a mango and a normal pear.

Lunch involved another unusual ingredient - dried baby figs. George loved these, and ate about 10 with hmm mmm noises! I also gave him some chunks of cheese and a skinned tomato, which he liked much more than usual. I gave in though and gave a banana when he was still hungry and we were short of time!

DH was home early so did supper. George had another new taste of papaya, which dh reported he ate but seemed unenthusiastic about! This was accompanied by some left over mango, and a slice of bread and butter.

All in all an adventerous day - and I also managed to spread the word once more about baby lead weaning, this time at baby massage! woo hoo!


Mel x


Jeasmin said...

Wow - that's a lot of food for a baby - i mean that in a good way! I am wondering when the day will come when I will run around the kitchen looking for more food for my LO. It's been a week of BLW and things are going slowly.

Nice reading your blogg.

Jeasmin x

Yvette said...

Hi Mel

Just wanted to let you know I have spent most of today reading your blog and it makes great reading!! I have just learnt about BLW and was thinking what a good idea it sounded, now having seen how well things are going with you both I have decided this is definitely the way forward for my little one..Connor. He is 4 months so we have some time to go yet but am really looking forward to it.

Take care
Yvette x

Mel_x said...

Hey Jeasmin,

tell me about it, lol, i spend days asking George where he puts it all! he eats more than me at lunchtime most days!

Your lo will get there soon!


Mel x

Mel_x said...

Hi Yvette,

Wow, thank you for your lovely comments. I am sure Connor and you will have lots of fun when you start!

Let me know how you get on!


Mel x