Saturday, 6 January 2007

Pineapple & Rusholme Curry

Saturday 6th January

DH did Baby G a whole pineapple for breakfast, but there seems to be about half left in the fridge!

For lunch I did a cheese omlette, but Baby G seems only to like the ones his daddy makes (Grrrr) and so only ate half of it. He ate a banana too though so he did quite well.

As if I didn't have a fattening enough day yesterday, DH & I went in to Rusholme for a curry for lunch - and no, despite the title I didn't give Baby G any curry!!! I did give him a bit of a poppadom to suck on though!

For dinner he had buttered toast, a pear and 5 or so prunes. I dug out some butternut squash from the fridge, which he usually loves. I am not sure if he was just full by then, or if he isn't keen on stuff out of the fridge, will try again tomorrow I guess.

We have now gone 3 days without the 12.30 bf and he seems not to miss it.....will no dount get shot by the HV on monday!

Have a nice weekend everyone


Mel x


chardalmum said...

I lived in Fallowfield for 3 years! I remember a Rusholme curry at Royal Nez? Sorry, forgot the name! (Before I kept kosher! - but it was a veggie one). Sigh, the memories!

Mel_x said...

I think it was Royal Naz?

We go to Lal Hawelli - yummy!!!!!


Mel x