Saturday, 13 January 2007

Marmite and Grand reveals

Saturday 13th January

ok ok, so I had used the nickname Baby G as the voices in my head when I started the blog had convinced me that it would be inappropriate to use his real name! Following a discussion with DH, we decided that it is a stupid nickname (and not one we have ever used in real life) and that there is no harm in using his real name.

So, ladies and Gentlemen, can I introduce, GEORGE.

Right, grand reveals over, lets get on to talking about food! DH did breakfast for George this morning, toast & marmite. When every crumb had been eaten, the ever ready standby was called guessed it, a banana. Breakfast was finished off with some strawberries.

This morning dh has also reverted to using the doidy cup again, instead of the froggy IKEA cup. He thinks that George finds this easier, and has drunk more water from it. Not sure if I can face it at every meal, but I may start alternating between the two.

After a delicious lunch of hummous & pitta breads and cherry tomatoes we set off to George's friends birthday party. Whilst there he had a bit more hummous & pitta bread, a cheese sandwich triangle, a bit of cucumber with hummous and a couple of dried apricots.

We got home in time for dinner and George managed to polish off best part of a whole mango and the majority of a pear!!!! The boy really must have hollow legs.


Mel x

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