Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Marinated Tofu, baked apple and leftovers

Wednesday 17th January

Breakfast today was dried figs and a slice of toast, not very inspiring I know but we still haven't been shopping and so I am digging deep for food. At least it wasn't another banana i guess!!!

Lunch was a total sucess, I cored and then baked in silver foil an ordinary eating apple. George was the most enthusiastic about apple I have ever seen, and even preferred that to the butternut squash half I had also baked. He ate the whole apple and about 3/4 of the squash!

In an attempt to try something new I bought some marinated organic tofu in a trip to the supermarket. George seemed to quite like it, so I will definately try that again. He had that with some left over pancakes from yesterday, spread with either hummous or bean pate. He preferred the hummous but did at least give the bean pate a go again!!

hurray for inspiration! I have sent off today for a baby finger foods cook book, so you never know it may be new things a go-go soon! Poor George!!!


Mel x


Sandra said...

Hi Mel,

Thanks for posting the link to your blog in the B-LW Yahoo group. We haven't started weaning yet as DS is only just approaching 6 months but I've been toying with the idea of starting a blog too...

Just a quick question, is the cook book you sent off for the Jennie Maizels one? I've come across another book on It's called Food for Little Fingers by Victoria Jenest but it only seems to be available in the States :-(

Ta, Sandra

Mel_x said...

Hi Sandra,

it is the Jenny Maizels one yes, it was recommended to me as having a lot of veggie recipes in.

Is there anyone on the yahoo group who could maybe have a look at the Jenest book & say if it any good, and maybe even post it over? They may have a paypal account you could pay them via.

I will let you know how the book is if you would like.


Mel x

Sandra said...

Hi Mel,

What a good idea. Will ask the American mommies in the Yahoo group if they know the book and what they think of it.

I've actually already got Jennie Maizels book and it looks quite good. Yes, she is vegetarian so most recipes are too.



cazclarke said...

Hi Mel

fab blog. How old is george? how long has he been blw'ing
ben is 7 months and been blw'ing for one month

caz in switzerland

Mel_x said...

Hi Caz,

George is now 34 weeks (25th Jan) - which scarily I had to go look up!

How is your BLW going with Ben, good I hope.


Mel xxx