Sunday, 28 January 2007

a little bit of everything by all accounts

Sunday 28th January

Well dh was once more in charge of all feeds today (except bf obviously!). This is as much info as he has so far shered with me as to George's menu!

Breakfast was another croissant! It was apparently huge, and very much enjoyed! Oh well!

Lunch was a bit of a problem. Dh had made an omletter, but as George refused to have his nap this morning he was so tired he was falling asleep in it! Naughty dh called me in to the kitchen to see.

What was left of the omlette was given for supper, along with some prunes, dates a pear and i think some bread & butter.

I think another creative cookery day is in order tomorrow, I will see what I can rustle up and report back!


Mel x

ps - feeling v pleased with myself, I did a google search for "baby lead weaning" and I was the 1st hit! Worldwide, not just UK only too. Woo Hoo - go on, check it out for yourselves!!

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