Monday, 22 January 2007

Just call me Nigella

Monday 22nd January

Today I have voted myself 10/10 for effort - and re-named myself Nigella!!!

Okay, so breakfast was a slow start, with an offering of blackberries, strawberries and a banana.

I then turned into a domestic goddess and George's lunch was mushroom & spinach polenta, and he loved it, I was really pleased as polenta is full of iron! I will use this as a counter arguement for the loss of iron doubters!

More cooking later, and dinner was mini pasties (filled with potato, carrot, red onion, garlic & cheese) and lentil croquettes - again full of iron, B vitamins & protein. To finish off his meal George had some more blackberries & strawberries.

I have batches of all these things in both the freezer & the fridge - which is good as I am knackered after all that cooking!


Nigella......... oops - Mel x


rachiemum: said...

mel just wondering what the book is as i havent seen any on fibger foods or BLW? Also was wondering if i can be cheeky and ask you to post the mushroom and spinach polenta recipe? thanx xx

Mel_x said...


the book is "finger foods for babies and toddlers" by Jennie Maizels. It is a recipe book, and is brilliant tbh.

I will type out the recipe for you tomorrow, as I am seriously falling asleep at the laptop! remind me if I forget!!


Mel x

rachiemum: said...

thanx huni you are a star now go get some sleep xx