Wednesday, 17 January 2007

I pureed something - Bean Pate!!

Tuesday 16th January.

A mad day today, in fact I was so upset by the rubbish bus drivers of Manchester that I couldn't face updating this last night! aarrgghh!!!!

George had a slightly early breakfast of toast & marmite and about half a packet of dried apricots.

Lunch was some cheese chunks, cherry tomatoes and bread sticks. He seems to really like the breadsticks now - possibly as Grandpa is no longer softening them for him by dipping them in milk so they go soggy! LOL.

Supper was a very odd mix if I am honest. We are Old Mother Hubbarding once more, and the cupboards were decidedly bare. In the end I wizzed up my 1st ever puree of a tin of mixed beans (canilloni, kidney etc etc) with a bit of butter and spead it on some chunks of red pepper. George seemed to find it okay. He also ate some whole kidney beans, and seemed intrigued by them, maybe it was the colour.

I then made up some pancakes, just plain with a bit of butter on them. I made extra so he will have to finish them tomorrow.


Mel x

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