Tuesday, 30 January 2007

A friend for lunch

Tuesday 30th January

I have got to try and have another think about breakfast, as yet again it was a banana and a pear - what does everyone else give?

George had a friend over for lunch, and the babies had a baked apple, baked sweet potato and some very popular baked parsnips for lunch. George also had a bit of a breadstick, but I think he was just showing off!!

Supper was half a mango (which was delicious, and I usually hate them!!), a slice of toast and a first try of some dried apple slices. All greated with a distinct lack of enthusiam, but still all eaten!

I have been buying all sorts of goodies at the organic supermarket, so watch this space!


Mel x


Umm Hannah said...

Hi Mel,

I’ve been pretty boring to be honest. Mangos went down very well. This morning I gave oranges, apples and cherry tomatoes – ok except the apple which was too hard I think.

We are on day 7 of BLW and after a great start; things haven’t been too great during the last few meals. My daughter starts winging after a while and doesn’t really eat as much as she initially did. She keeps throwing the food on the floor – I think she’s learnt that and likes repeating esp. when I pick it up. I think I’ll stop. At times, she looks at though she is frustrated, so I kind of help her by offering it to her hand – I know I know - I am breaking BLW rules! This seemed to help but now this morning this too didn’t work. I have just got her out of her highchair instead of pressing her further. I am thinking perhaps she is getting bored of the food and I need to introduce some new flavour. She has hit her 6-month target yesterday so I now have some freedom to explore with things like egg, bread. Will see how it goes. Have you encountered any probs like this? Any tips? I think I’ve cursed the progress my daughter was making – I was telling everyone about!


Mel_x said...

Hi Jeasmin,

OMG I have totally gone through this with George, some days he just picks up food and throws it directly on the floor without even tasting it. Some days I just take him out of his highchair and keep calm, other days it drives me totally insane!

I have given George food into his hands, quite often he cannot get things as they are slippery etc. I think that if he can normally pick it up then it isn't really breaking the rules. I just wouldn't put things he couldn't pick up into his hand iykwim!

George really hated apple for ages, but I have now started to bake them (he also liked them pan fried in butter). I also buy the pink ones, which i think are a bit sweeter. I often think he doesn't like stuff, then find out I have given it underripe, but I like hard fruit myself, so it is hard for me to judge!

Being able to fall back on toast and Bread & butter is great for days like that, as it is cheap & plentiful. George seems to have a throwing meal when I have cooked him something expensive!

It will get easier! And a lot less messy!


Mel x

Jeasmin said...

Thanks Mel.

It's nice to hear that others have gone through this.

I made a pasta dish this eve and it seemed to go down ok, with some mango which she didn't like. When I tasted it, it was sour - so i don't blame her. THe other day at breakfast she couldn't get enough of it!

Like you, I like under-ripe fruits, so i now have to keep a stock of ripe fruits for LO. It drives my DH nuts when i eat a banana with greenish looking skin. He just can't understand what i like about!