Friday, 26 January 2007

Eating out twice in one day!

Friday 26th January

Well as the title says we have had a very social day of it today. We breakfasted at home, George having toast & a pear.

I deserted him at lunch as I was meeting a colleague for lunch, so dh was left holding the baby. He tried to feed George in his office, but there was far too much to look at apparently, so George ignored most of the food (so much so I was accused of having fed him already!). He did eat some chicken from DH's caesar salad in Kro bar, which was quite good, although I am trying not to think about the sauce! He was also very taken with an Aussie waitress - oh no, he is starting young!!

For dinner we went again to our lovely local pizza place. George ate 3/4 of a kids margerita and some of dh's mascarpone. He was not too impressed with cape goosberries though - lol. The staff were ace, as yet again we had no bib, so resorted to a napkin, which along with the table cloth was left totally orange!

I think I may have had slightly too much wine today, so am once more a very bad mummy. Let's hope George sleeps well though!!


Mel x

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