Monday, 8 January 2007

Crumpets, Figs & Chubby Boys

Monday 8th January

After the tesco delivery arrived Baby G had a buttery crumpet for lunch with his baked carrots & parsnips, which he seemed not too interested in! I was trying to feed him up as I was taking him to baby clinic to be weighed!

He had already had a fattening breakfast of a banana, some prunes and a pear.....short of feeding him rocks, this was as good as it would get!!!

Of course, just to be difficult Baby G decided to have 2 poo's whilst we waited to see the HV....aarrgghhhh, those lost oz could be very important....

But I needn't have worried, Baby G has put on LOADS of weight, and now weighs a wopping 16 Lbs!!!!!! He is almost on the 9th centile, from being under the 0.4th so I think that is brilliant.

He again rejected the yummy carrots & parsnips for dinner, but did try a couple of dried figs. He seemed uninterested in food, but he had his 3rd Men C jab at the Doctors today, so maybe that is why.


(a very happy) Mel x

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