Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Croissants & an omlette refusal

Tuesday 9th January

Well, today was a day of madness as Baby G started Rhythm & Rhyme this morning, and was at aqua babies this afternoon. No baked goodies today - no time.

Breakfast was the staple of a banana, accompanied by a whole pear and some of the croissant I was eating (yes i know I am now on a diet!). He seemed to enjoy the croissant, but I am not intending to make a habit of it!

Lunch was supposed to be an omlette, but he refused it again. I am not making one again for a few weeks. To my great shame I ate the omlette as well as my own lunch....it was cooked in butter with loads of cheese! He had instead pittas with hummous!

He had supper whilst I had a hair cut, a lovely buttered crumpet, some prunes and a slice of bread when he was still hungry. Supper was a bit late as we were late home after swimming!

My new hair looks ace BTW!!!! LMAO!


Mel x

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