Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Croissants, leftovers and NO bananas!!

Wednesday 24th January

I am not sure if a croissant counts as an appropriate breakfast for a 7 month old baby, or if the baby police will be after me, but George seemed to enjoy it, as well as the prunes which accompanied it.

Lunch was a bit of a disaster. George was in a very bad mood, and didn't eat much. I tried lentil croquettes, tomatoes and even pitta and hummus, but largely George screamed instead of eating. He has a bit of a cold though, and I know how I feel with a similar thing, so I left it.

Supper was more pasties, accompanied by some totally ignored and uneaten broccoli. I guess I am going to have to hide it in pasta sauce again to get George to eat it! Everyone else seems to love broccoli! Ho hum!

And.....did you notice.....not a banana in sight!! lol


Mel x


Billy's Mummy said...

Hi Mel

I cant get Will to eat anything green so broccoli just gets broken up a spread about or dropped on floor - i'm quite sneaky i blend stuff and add it to omlettes - any bread product is a hit with him. Starnge how a 7month old can have such likes and dilikes hey!! EM x

Mel_x said...

Hi Em,

I have also taken to really finely chopping it up and putting it through pasta sauce! HE will eat that no problem!!

I am soooo pleased to hear it isn't just George who hates broccoli! He likes everything else so far!

Funny things these children!


Mel x