Thursday, 25 January 2007

A chance to get on my soap box!

Thursday 25th January

I was in two minds this morning as to whether I should go to baby cafe, George is full of a horrible cold and I was feeling pretty rotten myself. I am soooooo glad I did though. The surestart lady who did our weaning talk (when I was told BLW could lead to babies choking) was there to do another weaning talk.

I was all prepared to go and hide and avoid the talk, when one of the midwives assured me she would deal with BLW, so I decided to listen. In fact she seemed to ask for feedback from those who had BLW'd. Well how could I hold back - lol. I started with the Rapley guidelines and who Gill is etc, then talked about the sort of things George started with & is now on food wise. I think I have got a few people interested.

I was suprised when the lady asked for Gill Rapley's name as she hadn't come across her during her research, and so as well as giving her name I also passed on the link to my own wonderful blog! Who knows, maybe I will be an inspiration to my PCT!!! lol.

Good job that happened today, as food wise it was a dull day. George is still eating, but is off his food a bit. I went back on my word and gave him another croissant for breakie with some dried apricots. Lunch was a pear and a tomato (he refused point blank to even acknowledge the crumpet!) and supper was pitta & hummus and a banana!


Mel x

ps - i know i know about the banana!!!

pps - Cannot believe I forgot to share. I had George weighed on wednesday, and he is now 17lb 6oz - that is 1.5lb nearly in 2 weeks!!!


Amy said...

George is coming on fantastic! I love reading your blog and having a bit of a nosey! Lol.

Mel_x said...

Hi Amy,

thank you for your comment. I love to hear from people reading the blog, in fact I think it should be mandatory to leave a comment, as I love getting them soooooo much!

Nosey away


Mel x

Billy's Mummy said...

Hey Mel!

Great news about weight gain! I think Will is getting up in screat during the night reading the blog and then copying lol. Since xmas hes put on 19lbs. I know everyone says weight is not important but i doesnt half make you fell better knowing your getting it right! Em X

Mel_x said...

Well done Will!

ikwym, it is hard not to get hung up on weight, esp when you have been to the hospital like we have - but fingers crossed for the 7th Feb when we are back.

At least I feel like we are living proof that BLW works!!


Mel x

Jeasmin said...

Hi guys,

I am kinda scared to go and weigh up my lo since ive started blw - just in case the scale shows that she is loosing weight! TBH, i am sure she is eating - i mean how else would she produce what she does in her nappies!!! Sorry - TMI!
But I do miss the BF nappies - I remember at the time I thought what was the fuss that people made, baby poo does not smell!! Oh boy was I wrong or what!!

Take care

Jeasmin x

p.s how long can i store freshly made breadcrumbs? where do store it? sorry if they are silly Q's!

Mel_x said...

PMSL Jeasmin,

i thought it was only me who missed the bf poo's!

Honestly I am sure your lo's weight gain will be fine. Not sure how much you have read on here about George's weight, but we have been send to the hospital as he fell off the bottom of the charts. Since starting BLW he is now back up on the 25th centile - I will let everyone know how we get on on the 7th when we are back to be assessed.

Don't forget weight gain is supposed to slow now as our lo's start crawling/walking etc.

As for breadcrumbs, you can freeze them, and for coating things can use from frozen.



Mel xxx