Friday, 12 January 2007

Berries, Carrots & a lack of imagination and showing off for daddy!

Friday 12th January

I have got to start being more creative with Baby G's breakfast, which today was once more a banana and a pear, with a few raspberries thrown in for good measure. I just like bananas as they are easy and I am sure they must be quite fattening!

As we continue with our jet-set life, we were once more in Wagamamas for lunch this friday, but with a different friend. Baby G ate some baked carrots (today I put in some garlic cloves, butter and black pepper) which seemed to go down okay. He much preferred the strawberries and the prunes I had also bought with me.

Dh was in charge of Baby G's dinner, after I dragged us home early from town (I had managed to go out in a wrap dress over jeans & a non-feeding bra, and realised in town that to feed Baby G I would have to almost strip to the waist - emergency bus home it was!). He made a cheesy omlette, despite my warning that they have been refused every time recently - but...oh no, apparently Baby G will eat daddy's omlette, just not mine!!!!

A fun day none the less.


Mel x

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