Friday, 19 January 2007

Beans & Ham Sandwiches

Friday 19th January

Our lovely neighbours left to start a new life in Oz today - lucky old them, but sad for us. Just thought i'd, on with the food.

Well the raisin wheats went down like a bowl of rotten fish today, despite the hot milk. I put them down and a frenzied sweeping of arms across the table saw them all instantly on the floor. So back to old faithful & a pear AGAIN!! He also ate a slice of bread & butter, so quite a substantial breakfast looking back!

I thought I would be adventerous for lunch, and so I tried George out on a ham sandwich and some baked beans. The beans I just put on a spoon, and I put the spoon on his mat like the rest of his food, and he ate from it. He seemed none too impressed with either though! I also gave him a few chunks of organic red leicester, which he did eat.

For his dinner I baked a sweet potato, and an apple (organic pink lady) and he finished off his meal with a couple of dried figs. He is looking decidedly podgy now!! lol


Mel x

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