Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Prickly pear, papaya & mini figs

Wednesday 31st January

Well, I did say expect some new things after yesterdays shopping trip!

The prickly pear (i had forgotten what it was when I got to the check out, but my friend said this is what it was, minus prickles!!) was very odd indeed. It had big hard pips, which when removed made it look like swiss cheese. George seemed to think it was okay, but not sure I would get one again - way too much faff for very little fruit. This was accompanied by half a mango and a normal pear.

Lunch involved another unusual ingredient - dried baby figs. George loved these, and ate about 10 with hmm mmm noises! I also gave him some chunks of cheese and a skinned tomato, which he liked much more than usual. I gave in though and gave a banana when he was still hungry and we were short of time!

DH was home early so did supper. George had another new taste of papaya, which dh reported he ate but seemed unenthusiastic about! This was accompanied by some left over mango, and a slice of bread and butter.

All in all an adventerous day - and I also managed to spread the word once more about baby lead weaning, this time at baby massage! woo hoo!


Mel x

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

A friend for lunch

Tuesday 30th January

I have got to try and have another think about breakfast, as yet again it was a banana and a pear - what does everyone else give?

George had a friend over for lunch, and the babies had a baked apple, baked sweet potato and some very popular baked parsnips for lunch. George also had a bit of a breadstick, but I think he was just showing off!!

Supper was half a mango (which was delicious, and I usually hate them!!), a slice of toast and a first try of some dried apple slices. All greated with a distinct lack of enthusiam, but still all eaten!

I have been buying all sorts of goodies at the organic supermarket, so watch this space!


Mel x

Monday, 29 January 2007

A triumph & a failure

Monday 29th January

George is 8 months old today - and to celebrate he has been a right old grump, which has made the day wonderful as you can imagine! After a not unusual breakfast of pear & banana, I decided to try harder at this mummy lark for the rest of the day.

Lunch was pancakes filled with spinach & philly. I rolled them up & cut them into sushi like slices, and they seemed to go down a treat.

Feeling inspired and creative I made vegetarian meatballs for supper. I thought they looked and tasted yummy, but George just crushed them and threw the bits on the floor. I was quite cross but he did the same with any alternatives I tried, so I guess he just isn't hungry!

Still I have frozen some so I will just try again!


Mel x

Sunday, 28 January 2007

a little bit of everything by all accounts

Sunday 28th January

Well dh was once more in charge of all feeds today (except bf obviously!). This is as much info as he has so far shered with me as to George's menu!

Breakfast was another croissant! It was apparently huge, and very much enjoyed! Oh well!

Lunch was a bit of a problem. Dh had made an omletter, but as George refused to have his nap this morning he was so tired he was falling asleep in it! Naughty dh called me in to the kitchen to see.

What was left of the omlette was given for supper, along with some prunes, dates a pear and i think some bread & butter.

I think another creative cookery day is in order tomorrow, I will see what I can rustle up and report back!


Mel x

ps - feeling v pleased with myself, I did a google search for "baby lead weaning" and I was the 1st hit! Worldwide, not just UK only too. Woo Hoo - go on, check it out for yourselves!!

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Stockport Hat Museum's finest BLW fare!

Saturday 27th January,

We decided to get out & about early today so we fell back to a banana & a slice of toast for breakfast. It is hard to avoid when it is so easy and he likes it sooooo much!

So out we headed to Stockport! Hhhmmmm, less said is better tbh. Maybe we were looking in the wrong places but there was no-where we could find which sold any food that I was prepared to give George. So as we were heading to the Hat Museum (v good btw) we decided to try their cafe. We managed to make a very passable meal out of raisins & baby bel from the cafe's kids menu combined with my side salad tomatoes, cucumber & yellow pepper and some of my panini. DH was supposed to share his baked potato but he put salt on it! Duh!

For supper George ate about 4/5ths of a lovely ripe organic mango - he seems to like them, strange boy.


Mel x

Friday, 26 January 2007

Eating out twice in one day!

Friday 26th January

Well as the title says we have had a very social day of it today. We breakfasted at home, George having toast & a pear.

I deserted him at lunch as I was meeting a colleague for lunch, so dh was left holding the baby. He tried to feed George in his office, but there was far too much to look at apparently, so George ignored most of the food (so much so I was accused of having fed him already!). He did eat some chicken from DH's caesar salad in Kro bar, which was quite good, although I am trying not to think about the sauce! He was also very taken with an Aussie waitress - oh no, he is starting young!!

For dinner we went again to our lovely local pizza place. George ate 3/4 of a kids margerita and some of dh's mascarpone. He was not too impressed with cape goosberries though - lol. The staff were ace, as yet again we had no bib, so resorted to a napkin, which along with the table cloth was left totally orange!

I think I may have had slightly too much wine today, so am once more a very bad mummy. Let's hope George sleeps well though!!


Mel x

Thursday, 25 January 2007

A chance to get on my soap box!

Thursday 25th January

I was in two minds this morning as to whether I should go to baby cafe, George is full of a horrible cold and I was feeling pretty rotten myself. I am soooooo glad I did though. The surestart lady who did our weaning talk (when I was told BLW could lead to babies choking) was there to do another weaning talk.

I was all prepared to go and hide and avoid the talk, when one of the midwives assured me she would deal with BLW, so I decided to listen. In fact she seemed to ask for feedback from those who had BLW'd. Well how could I hold back - lol. I started with the Rapley guidelines and who Gill is etc, then talked about the sort of things George started with & is now on food wise. I think I have got a few people interested.

I was suprised when the lady asked for Gill Rapley's name as she hadn't come across her during her research, and so as well as giving her name I also passed on the link to my own wonderful blog! Who knows, maybe I will be an inspiration to my PCT!!! lol.

Good job that happened today, as food wise it was a dull day. George is still eating, but is off his food a bit. I went back on my word and gave him another croissant for breakie with some dried apricots. Lunch was a pear and a tomato (he refused point blank to even acknowledge the crumpet!) and supper was pitta & hummus and a banana!


Mel x

ps - i know i know about the banana!!!

pps - Cannot believe I forgot to share. I had George weighed on wednesday, and he is now 17lb 6oz - that is 1.5lb nearly in 2 weeks!!!

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Croissants, leftovers and NO bananas!!

Wednesday 24th January

I am not sure if a croissant counts as an appropriate breakfast for a 7 month old baby, or if the baby police will be after me, but George seemed to enjoy it, as well as the prunes which accompanied it.

Lunch was a bit of a disaster. George was in a very bad mood, and didn't eat much. I tried lentil croquettes, tomatoes and even pitta and hummus, but largely George screamed instead of eating. He has a bit of a cold though, and I know how I feel with a similar thing, so I left it.

Supper was more pasties, accompanied by some totally ignored and uneaten broccoli. I guess I am going to have to hide it in pasta sauce again to get George to eat it! Everyone else seems to love broccoli! Ho hum!

And.....did you notice.....not a banana in sight!! lol


Mel x

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

A VERY unusual sandwich!

Tuesday 23rd January

Tuesdays are such a muddle as we have rhythm & rhyme in the morning and Aqua Babies in the afternoon, and meal, bf & nap times all suffer.

Breakfast was, unashamedly today, a banana & some toast.

For lunch I am unhappy to report George seemed to largely reject the polenta he loved so much yesterday (recipe to follow!!), but did eat a lentil & philadelphia sandwich. I fried the lentils in the butter I had done the polenta in, and put them on bread. As they didn't stick I dug out the philly! He ate them like lentils were going out of fashion!

He was v tired and grumpy by dinner time, and actually refused butternut squash. He did eat some more mini pasties though - so I haven't totally lost my Nigella status.


Mel x

ps - have posted the mushroom & spinach polenta recipe as a comment to this post! Enjoy xx

Monday, 22 January 2007

Just call me Nigella

Monday 22nd January

Today I have voted myself 10/10 for effort - and re-named myself Nigella!!!

Okay, so breakfast was a slow start, with an offering of blackberries, strawberries and a banana.

I then turned into a domestic goddess and George's lunch was mushroom & spinach polenta, and he loved it, I was really pleased as polenta is full of iron! I will use this as a counter arguement for the loss of iron doubters!

More cooking later, and dinner was mini pasties (filled with potato, carrot, red onion, garlic & cheese) and lentil croquettes - again full of iron, B vitamins & protein. To finish off his meal George had some more blackberries & strawberries.

I have batches of all these things in both the freezer & the fridge - which is good as I am knackered after all that cooking!


Nigella......... oops - Mel x

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Lazy Mummy

Sunday 21st January.

DH went & bought all the ingredients for the recipies I want to make George, and I did nothing with them all day (went to the gym instead!), so basic rations it was once more!

Breakfast was a ham & cheese omlette cooked by DH (not a banana in sight - HURRAY!!!). Lunch was some strawberries, blackberries, a pear and a banana...he didn't escape that one for long!!

Supper was about half a baked butternut squash and some more strawberries. Yet again I have a decidedly round boy!


Mel x

ps - I really am going to cook something tomorrow!!

The new cook book arrived..........

Saturday 20th January

................but I did nothing with it, except write a shopping list!

DH tried yet again with the raisin wheats, but there is a resounding rejection of them by George! DH also sought baby food sanctuary in a banana.

Lunch was a pear & baked carrot and parsnip which again George seemed thoroughly uninterested in. I think he heard some of the recipies from the book and decided that baked veg just wasn't cutting it!

no-one can remember what George had for dinner last night - think DH's memory lapse is a result of Man U being beaten by Arsenal. (please don't add a comment about that though!!!)


Mel x

Friday, 19 January 2007

Beans & Ham Sandwiches

Friday 19th January

Our lovely neighbours left to start a new life in Oz today - lucky old them, but sad for us. Just thought i'd, on with the food.

Well the raisin wheats went down like a bowl of rotten fish today, despite the hot milk. I put them down and a frenzied sweeping of arms across the table saw them all instantly on the floor. So back to old faithful & a pear AGAIN!! He also ate a slice of bread & butter, so quite a substantial breakfast looking back!

I thought I would be adventerous for lunch, and so I tried George out on a ham sandwich and some baked beans. The beans I just put on a spoon, and I put the spoon on his mat like the rest of his food, and he ate from it. He seemed none too impressed with either though! I also gave him a few chunks of organic red leicester, which he did eat.

For his dinner I baked a sweet potato, and an apple (organic pink lady) and he finished off his meal with a couple of dried figs. He is looking decidedly podgy now!! lol


Mel x

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Raisin Wheat

Thursday 18th January

I was all set with my new and exciting breakfast of raisin wheats that i honestly thought I wouldn't need to fall back on a bloomin' banana this morning, but George was a bit suspicious of them, and as we had to rush out to baby cafe I gave in! I think he did eat some of them though. I will try again tomorrow with warm milk I think.

Lunch was a pear and the remains of the baked butternut squash - but I think the evil teeth were playing up so he didn't eat a lot. It didn't help that after his 8 month check lunch was an hour late.

For dinner he threw some more tofu on the floor! He was quite enthusiastic though about thick white bread with philadelphia. As he was still hungry I gave him the last two prunes in the packet & then a huge number of dried apricots. Where does it all go????


Mel x

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Marinated Tofu, baked apple and leftovers

Wednesday 17th January

Breakfast today was dried figs and a slice of toast, not very inspiring I know but we still haven't been shopping and so I am digging deep for food. At least it wasn't another banana i guess!!!

Lunch was a total sucess, I cored and then baked in silver foil an ordinary eating apple. George was the most enthusiastic about apple I have ever seen, and even preferred that to the butternut squash half I had also baked. He ate the whole apple and about 3/4 of the squash!

In an attempt to try something new I bought some marinated organic tofu in a trip to the supermarket. George seemed to quite like it, so I will definately try that again. He had that with some left over pancakes from yesterday, spread with either hummous or bean pate. He preferred the hummous but did at least give the bean pate a go again!!

hurray for inspiration! I have sent off today for a baby finger foods cook book, so you never know it may be new things a go-go soon! Poor George!!!


Mel x

I pureed something - Bean Pate!!

Tuesday 16th January.

A mad day today, in fact I was so upset by the rubbish bus drivers of Manchester that I couldn't face updating this last night! aarrgghh!!!!

George had a slightly early breakfast of toast & marmite and about half a packet of dried apricots.

Lunch was some cheese chunks, cherry tomatoes and bread sticks. He seems to really like the breadsticks now - possibly as Grandpa is no longer softening them for him by dipping them in milk so they go soggy! LOL.

Supper was a very odd mix if I am honest. We are Old Mother Hubbarding once more, and the cupboards were decidedly bare. In the end I wizzed up my 1st ever puree of a tin of mixed beans (canilloni, kidney etc etc) with a bit of butter and spead it on some chunks of red pepper. George seemed to find it okay. He also ate some whole kidney beans, and seemed intrigued by them, maybe it was the colour.

I then made up some pancakes, just plain with a bit of butter on them. I made extra so he will have to finish them tomorrow.


Mel x

Monday, 15 January 2007

why do I have good new food ideas after dinner?

Monday 15th January

Another uninspiring day here I am afraid to report. George breakfasted on another banana (the latest bunch has run out now!!!), a pear & apricots. He seems to have got over the overfacing issue though, so I can put more on his mat in one go.

Lunch was a baked sweet potato and a jacket potato, both of which he seemed to love today. I gave him some sultanas too, which he can get into his mouth, but today seemed a bit unsure of.

DH did his supper of a pan fried (in butter) apple and something else, which I didn't catch as he mumbled it through the kitchen door! DH came home early from work today, so was instantly recruited for supper duty!

It was only after supper that I remembered I was going to do mixed bean "pate" and thought of croque monsure (sp) as an idea. Have written them down here in the hope I remember tomorrow!


Mel x

Sunday, 14 January 2007

a total lack of inspiration!

Sunday 14th January

I have really got to start thinking of new foods for George.

Breakfast was once again banana and prunes, today accompanied by strawberries.

Lunch was bread & butter and half a mango

Dinner was some of the freezer portions of beef in red wine & I think a few strawberries for "dessert".

I kmow this is actually a varied diet with all the food groups represented....yadda yadda yadda..... but I don't feel inspired by any of it. I really am going to have to try and get a bit more imaginative!

My mummy report reads 6/10 for effort, must try harder!


Mel x

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Marmite and Grand reveals

Saturday 13th January

ok ok, so I had used the nickname Baby G as the voices in my head when I started the blog had convinced me that it would be inappropriate to use his real name! Following a discussion with DH, we decided that it is a stupid nickname (and not one we have ever used in real life) and that there is no harm in using his real name.

So, ladies and Gentlemen, can I introduce, GEORGE.

Right, grand reveals over, lets get on to talking about food! DH did breakfast for George this morning, toast & marmite. When every crumb had been eaten, the ever ready standby was called guessed it, a banana. Breakfast was finished off with some strawberries.

This morning dh has also reverted to using the doidy cup again, instead of the froggy IKEA cup. He thinks that George finds this easier, and has drunk more water from it. Not sure if I can face it at every meal, but I may start alternating between the two.

After a delicious lunch of hummous & pitta breads and cherry tomatoes we set off to George's friends birthday party. Whilst there he had a bit more hummous & pitta bread, a cheese sandwich triangle, a bit of cucumber with hummous and a couple of dried apricots.

We got home in time for dinner and George managed to polish off best part of a whole mango and the majority of a pear!!!! The boy really must have hollow legs.


Mel x

Friday, 12 January 2007

Berries, Carrots & a lack of imagination and showing off for daddy!

Friday 12th January

I have got to start being more creative with Baby G's breakfast, which today was once more a banana and a pear, with a few raspberries thrown in for good measure. I just like bananas as they are easy and I am sure they must be quite fattening!

As we continue with our jet-set life, we were once more in Wagamamas for lunch this friday, but with a different friend. Baby G ate some baked carrots (today I put in some garlic cloves, butter and black pepper) which seemed to go down okay. He much preferred the strawberries and the prunes I had also bought with me.

Dh was in charge of Baby G's dinner, after I dragged us home early from town (I had managed to go out in a wrap dress over jeans & a non-feeding bra, and realised in town that to feed Baby G I would have to almost strip to the waist - emergency bus home it was!). He made a cheesy omlette, despite my warning that they have been refused every time recently - but...oh no, apparently Baby G will eat daddy's omlette, just not mine!!!!

A fun day none the less.


Mel x

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Spreading the word! Sautee Potatoes & Yoghurt

Thursday 11th January

We were back at babay cafe today, so Baby G had an early breakfast of............a banana...(again!!!) and some dried figs.

I spoke to a couple of girls at baby cafe who are also thinking of going the BLW route, and passed on the blog address (hi if you find it!), and also emailed the details to someone from the BLW yahoo group (hi too) so hopefully some people will find me soon!

Lunch was sautee potatoes (boiled then fried in butter with garlic & black pepper) with a mini-pitta & hummous. I gave Baby G the garlic to try, but he didn't seem impressed tbh. I also let him try a bit of my yoghurt (I held out the spoon and he pulled it in - still BLW in my book!) which he seemed confused by, but I then saw how much sugar was in there so I stopped after 1 spoon!

I decided to bake a half a butternut squash for Baby G's dinner and also bake a big carrot ready for tomorrow at the same time. I spent 10 minutes battling with the silver foil as bits of carrot kept poking through! aarrgghhh!!!

Baby G ate most of the squash, eventually. Accompanied by a bread stick - odd boy!

Here's to spreading the BLW word


Mel x

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

The return of the Oompa Loompa

Wednesday 10th January

Baby G breakfasted once more on a banana, accompanied by some dried apricots & a crumpet. After the initial sucess with the crumpets he now seems to hate them, and I think it all went on the floor.

About the apricots, they are ready to eat ones, and I don't soak them, just give straight out the packet pulled in half.

He had lunch a bit early as we were off to baby massage, and he was stuffing down cherry tomatoes and cheese like no-ones business! Once again I have forgotten what else he had!!

After a starter of bread sticks he had pasta & sauce again (from the freezer). This time I cut the cooked rigattoni in half, and he managed much better. He still largely sucked all the sauce off, but I think some pasta got eaten. I mixed in grated cheese this time, it did nothing for the oompa loompa effect, but it seemed to make it more yummy.


Mel x

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Croissants & an omlette refusal

Tuesday 9th January

Well, today was a day of madness as Baby G started Rhythm & Rhyme this morning, and was at aqua babies this afternoon. No baked goodies today - no time.

Breakfast was the staple of a banana, accompanied by a whole pear and some of the croissant I was eating (yes i know I am now on a diet!). He seemed to enjoy the croissant, but I am not intending to make a habit of it!

Lunch was supposed to be an omlette, but he refused it again. I am not making one again for a few weeks. To my great shame I ate the omlette as well as my own was cooked in butter with loads of cheese! He had instead pittas with hummous!

He had supper whilst I had a hair cut, a lovely buttered crumpet, some prunes and a slice of bread when he was still hungry. Supper was a bit late as we were late home after swimming!

My new hair looks ace BTW!!!! LMAO!


Mel x

Monday, 8 January 2007

Crumpets, Figs & Chubby Boys

Monday 8th January

After the tesco delivery arrived Baby G had a buttery crumpet for lunch with his baked carrots & parsnips, which he seemed not too interested in! I was trying to feed him up as I was taking him to baby clinic to be weighed!

He had already had a fattening breakfast of a banana, some prunes and a pear.....short of feeding him rocks, this was as good as it would get!!!

Of course, just to be difficult Baby G decided to have 2 poo's whilst we waited to see the HV....aarrgghhhh, those lost oz could be very important....

But I needn't have worried, Baby G has put on LOADS of weight, and now weighs a wopping 16 Lbs!!!!!! He is almost on the 9th centile, from being under the 0.4th so I think that is brilliant.

He again rejected the yummy carrots & parsnips for dinner, but did try a couple of dried figs. He seemed uninterested in food, but he had his 3rd Men C jab at the Doctors today, so maybe that is why.


(a very happy) Mel x

Sunday, 7 January 2007

oh... the luxury of not being able to update properly

Sunday 7th January

I would love to be able to give you a full update of Baby G's food for today, but I cannot, as DH did all meals today! I had a lie in, phoned my mum and then went to the gym.

I do know he had some raspberries - which he loved!

The nose will very much be back to the BLW grindstone tomorrow!!!


Mel x

Saturday, 6 January 2007

Pineapple & Rusholme Curry

Saturday 6th January

DH did Baby G a whole pineapple for breakfast, but there seems to be about half left in the fridge!

For lunch I did a cheese omlette, but Baby G seems only to like the ones his daddy makes (Grrrr) and so only ate half of it. He ate a banana too though so he did quite well.

As if I didn't have a fattening enough day yesterday, DH & I went in to Rusholme for a curry for lunch - and no, despite the title I didn't give Baby G any curry!!! I did give him a bit of a poppadom to suck on though!

For dinner he had buttered toast, a pear and 5 or so prunes. I dug out some butternut squash from the fridge, which he usually loves. I am not sure if he was just full by then, or if he isn't keen on stuff out of the fridge, will try again tomorrow I guess.

We have now gone 3 days without the 12.30 bf and he seems not to miss it.....will no dount get shot by the HV on monday!

Have a nice weekend everyone


Mel x

Wagamamas & Pizza Express

Friday 5th January

Am culinary genius!!!! I decided that there was a lot of wastage on roast stuff as Baby G won't eat the skins. So, today I peeled parsnips & Carrots, rubbed oil on them & bundled them in silver foil with some thyme & butter. I then baked them, and they were lovely and soft.

Baby G ate them in Wagamamas whilst I had lunch with a friend. I must say they were really helpful in there - v impressed.

Then in my eating out extravaganza DH met me after shopping & we went to pizza express for dinner. Baby G tried an olive, and then had a kids margerita. He sucked the cheese & tomato off the top, and ate some of the base. He polished off our strawberry garnishes from our desserts too.

A very fattening day all round!!


Mel x

Thursday, 4 January 2007

A Whole Mango

Thursday 4th January

Baby G refused to eat very much of his leftover omlette for breakfast, and even turned his nose up at dried apricots, but managed a chew on a breadstick.

I decided to to experiment and drop Baby G's 12.30 bf, as it is a battle more often than not, and he never asks for it. It is so quick that it cannot be more than a drink. I gave him extra water at lunch, which he drank well, the IKEA frog cup is a great sucess. He ate roast carrotts, parsnips & some baked squash for lunch. This made up for the small breakfast!!!

DH did his dinner whilst I went to the GP, and he ate a whole mango!!!! He seems unbothered so far about the dropped bf, but the real test will be tonight!


Mel x

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

No Dinner!

Wednesday 3rd January

Breakfast was a slice of toast & butter, 1/3 of a banana and a couple of dates - I really must be more creative food wise for Baby G.

Lunch was the rest of the banana, with a whole baked sweet potato - which he seemed to enjoy.

I was late serving dinner (sounds considerably more posh than it is!!!) as DH & I had been to the cinema, and Baby G refused to eat the yummy cheese omlette I had made. I am going to keep it in the fridge and offer it tomorrow morning!

I also, along with other BC ladies jumped to the defence of a fellow BLWer who had been roundly abused on her blog for feeding her lo cream crackers! Some people eh? Trying to decide if abusive comments are better or worse than none!!! PMSL!


Mel x

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

A mixed start to the New Year

Tuesday 2nd January

Breakfast was great, after a tearful goodbye to Gran & Grandpa (me!) Baby G sat down to toast & philly and a pear, with 3 dates too!

Whilst breakfast was eaten with relish, it wasn't overly huge, so I was a bit suprised when Baby G refused att of his lunch. I had pan fried some red pepper and courgettes and steamed some cauliflower with grated cheese on. All refused. He chewed reluctantly on a bread stick, and then when he even refused dried apricots I gave up.

Dinner was frighteningly sucessful - he ate HALF a butternut squash AND about 5 prunes!!!!!! This afternoons standing, walking & bike riding must have worn him out!


Mel x

Monday, 1 January 2007

Happy New Year!

Monday 1st January 2007

Baby G slept all night - PHEW!! Had a few glasses of wine with dinner.

DH and I were laughing as Baby G had leftover steamed new potatoes as part of his breakfast....accompanied somewhat oddly by a peach (too hard) and 2 plums, which he loved!

Lunch was a leftover fave of cheese whirls.....basically cheese & mashed potato wrapped in puff pastry & cooked. Mega yummy....and Baby G agreed! He ate them, a breadstick, some cherry tomatoes & some red leicester chunks! Another nice meal sat round the table with Baby G joining in.


Mel x