Saturday, 9 December 2006

This time I really mean eating out!!!

Friday 8th December.

Poor Baby G missed his breakfast today whilst I ran like a lunatic round Manchester trying to complete my Christmas shopping! He screamed blue murder as a result.

He had his breakfast for lunch instead, fryed courgette (in butter), apricots and a tomato...but he was so hungry I added in a slice of brown toast with butter & philly. I learned that when they say don't give brown bread with bits in, they mean it! Poor Baby G.

More Christmas shopping in the afternoon, and we decided to eat out as a treat. We went to Croma in Chorlton, and ordered Baby G a margerita pizza from the kids menu. He seemed to love it...but I don't think the restraunt liked us so much. No bibs, so we used one of their linen napkins! The place was covered in tomato sauce! Before everyone thinks I am a terrible parent, it isn't a processed gloop pizza, it is nice fresh pizza & sauce, italian style.

Dh had mascarpone with his dessert, which I thought I would try Baby G with. I put some on my finger and held the finger out to him. He grabbed it & put it in his mouth - and loved it!!!

Feel v brave now, and v proud of Baby G!!!


Mel x

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